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Year 12 “Applying to the US” Webinar – Register Your Interest

Coming later this year. Live on Zoom.

A webinar for potential applicants to universities in the USA.

The Oxbridge Formula Webinar


The US application process is significantly different to (and almost completely distinct from) the UCAS application process we here in the UK.

For instance, did you know that each ‘type’ of US university requires a completely different approach, and therefore it’s wise to ensure all of your chosen unis fall under the same type?

There are lots of nuances – and we will be discussing many of them during this webinar, where we will be joined by US admissions experts, ‘The University Guys’.

In a nutshell, we will be covering:

  • why consider the USA
  • when to start with US applications
  • how to choose the universities to apply to
  • financing US university study
  • the application process in the USA

To register your interest for what should be an elucidating event, sign up below. We will release more details such as the time and date as soon as they are confirmed.

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