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Year 12 Medicine Webinar

Coming later this year. Live on Zoom.

A webinar for medicine applicants.

The Oxbridge Formula Work Smart Parents' Webinar


The application process for Oxbridge Medicine is quite different to the application process for other universities.

From the traditional course structure to the admissions test and the interview process, you need to prepare for the Oxbridge Medicine process in a highly specific manner.

In this webinar, The Oxbridge Formula team will be joined by two Cambridge medics, who will discuss what an Oxbridge Medicine personal statement should look like, how to prepare for a traditional science-led interview and top tips for BMAT prep.

We’ll also discuss how we at The Oxbridge Formula, can support your Oxford or Cambridge Medical School application, and get you the place of your dreams – but don’t worry, that will only be a small part of the whole presentation!

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