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Year 12 “Getting Started with Medicine” Webinar Replay

Recorded October 2021. Please complete the form below to get the replay.

A webinar for year 12 would-be Oxbridge Medicine applicants and their parents.

Oxbridge Parents' Webinar

A medical application is one of the toughest you can make! It’s competitive at all unis, and you may face multiple admissions tests and many different types of interview!

It can feel like a minefield.

In this mega-webinar, we aimed to demystify the process of applying to medicine completely.

You will come away with a clear picture of what the application process will look like.

In this webinar, we cover:

– Choosing your medicine course – Work experience – Personal statements – Admissions tests – Interviews – Resources – Life after uni – Oxbridge Medicine

We are joined by two current Oxbridge medical students, who answer audience questions in our dedicated Q&A slot at the end.

This is an unmissable webinar for medicine hopefuls and their parents.

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