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Work Smart for Oxbridge STEM Parents’ Webinar: Replay


Recorded July 2021. Please complete the form below to get the replay.

A Parents’ Webinar.

If you’re the parent of an Oxbridge STEM or Economics applicant, then this webinar is especially for you.

The Oxbridge Formula Work Smart Parents' Webinar

Your child is already very talented and hard-working, with both the motivation and potential to succeed in achieving an offer, provided they prepare well.

In this parents’ webinar, led by our founder and CEO, The Oxbridge Formula team discuss the approach your child should be taking, and how you as a parent can draw on lessons learned from the workplace to support your child and monitor their progress.

As we are specialists in applications for STEM and Economics subjects at Oxbridge, our discussion is centred around these subjects and the type of admissions test and interview that applicants for them will face.

We know that it can be hard as a parent to tell whether your child really is preparing in an effective way and making the progress they are capable of, to help you this webinar covers:

  • How students should use and learn from past papers – it isn’t just by doing lots of mocks!
  • Explore the type of preparation required and illustrate how it’s very different from how they will have learned to work at school.
  • Why mere subject knowledge isn’t always enough to approach questions efficiently, and how students can speed up their problem solving
  • The 4 key skills for both preparing for and attempting admissions tests, encapsulated in our ‘PROF’ methodology
  • How the skills required by Oxbridge applicants correspond to typical workplace skills, and how you can draw on this analogy to support your child

We’ll also briefly talk about our programmes, and how we can help your child to maximise their chances.

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