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Want to get a discount on any of our courses?

Well, here’s one way you can save £25!!

We’d love as many students as possible to benefit from our free guidebooks.

And who better to get students and parents acquainted with the guidebook than your school?

We’ve made it really easy for your school to spread the word about the Guidebooks, so that you can get a discount:

  1. Email this page to the webmaster of your school website / IT department or ask your teacher to email them.
  2. Ask them to paste the code onto the website’s higher education / university / oxbridge / useful resources page. It must be on a public website and not a VLE / Firefly page. It will explain a little bit about admissions tests and provide a link to the guidebooks.
  3. Once they have, email us a link to the page where the code was pasted, using the chatbox at the bottom of the website.
  4. We’ll take a look and if we’re satisfied, we’ll send you a discount code / partial refund. 🙂

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