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The Oxbridge Formula Terms and Conditions

In this document, the terms “us” and “our” refer to The Oxbridge Formula, a trading name of UniPrepCo Ltd; the “website” refers to all pages with the domain; “services” refers to both paid and free services.

The following terms and conditions apply to all of our services. We reserve the right to modify them in any way and at any time. By using this website or any of our services, you agree that you have read and understood them and will abide by them in full.


1. Disclaimer and waiver of claims

a) The intent of The Oxbridge Formula’s services is to educate students and allow students to explore mathematical ideas in unfamiliar contexts.

b) Any content that is

  • provided on or downloaded from the website
  • or contained in The Oxbridge Formula’s  communications
  • or presented in speech or writing at a The Oxbridge Formula course or through another of The Oxbridge Formula’s services
  • or part of The Oxbridge Formula’s written or video resources or other online resources

is merely advisory. The Oxbridge Formula does not make any guarantees as to its accuracy or usefulness and is not responsible for the consequences of its use. If it is written or presented by an individual, it is their opinion only. You use it entirely at your own risk.

c) The Oxbridge Formula also does not guarantee any specific positive outcome from using our content or services.

d) Links to other websites do not constitute endorsement and The Oxbridge Formula is not responsible for their content.

e) We cannot guarantee that our website and related software will operate continuously and without bugs or errors. The Oxbridge Formula is not responsible for any consequences of any malfunction of our website and we do not make any guarantees as to how quickly or effectively problems will be fixed.


2a. Confidentiality, Copyright and Intellectual Property Agreement – In-Person Courses

i) All content, workbooks and materials provided taught in this course, whether written or verbal, are copyright material of The Oxbridge Formula.

ii) You are not permitted to copy, make available or divulge to any unauthorised party, in any way, any of the materials, notes or teachings of our lectures, whether for financial gain or not. Having agreed to these terms and conditions, if you should allow any of these materials to be made available to any unauthorized party, then you will be liable to consequential legal action.

iii) No photocopying, audio, video or photographic recordings of the The Oxbridge Formula’s courses, or any of the copyrighted materials provided are allowed without the consent, prior-approved knowledge and arrangement of The Oxbridge Formula.

iv) By agreeing to these terms and conditions, you consent to the participant’s presence in any audio, video or photographic recordings officially arranged by The Oxbridge Formula. You waive any rights, claims or interest in the reproduction, distribution and exposure of any and all aforementioned recordings owned and possessed exclusively by The Oxbridge Formula.


2b. Confidentiality, Copyright and Intellectual Property Agreement – Other Materials

i) All content provided on or downloaded from the website is copyright material of The Oxbridge Formula.

ii) None of the content of our website or any resources we provide may be shared or used for teaching or tutoring without our express permission, nor may it be used for any commercial purpose (either for or not for profit).

iii) All text, design, graphics, logos, and other materials remain our intellectual property in perpetuity unless stated otherwise and may not be used for any purpose elsewhere without our express permission.

iv) No files from the website are to be downloaded, distributed, or reproduced without express permission. The Oxbridge Formula materials are to be used on the website rather than downloaded, unless they are explictly presented as downloads.

v) The Oxbridge Formula documents may have logos and digital watermarks, which are not to be removed.

vi) All rights are reserved unless explicitly granted.


3. Booking

a) The total price must be paid at the time of order. Applications will not be processed until the full payment is received. Moreover, for live courses, a full and complete registration form must be filled out, only after which applications will be processed.

b) Should a course for any reason be cancelled or rescheduled, The Oxbridge Formula will strictly only be liable for the value of the course ticket.

c) There are no refunds available for students who do not attend the course.


4. Cancellations or Variations by the Client and The Oxbridge Formula

a) Any notice of cancellation by the client of a booking or part of a booking must be made in writing by email to Unless the course in question is advertised as non-refundable, there is a 14-day money-back guarantee during which you are entitled to receive a 100% refund, minus the cost of any 1-1 tuition sessions used. If there is an intensive course, this the money-back guarantee will last until the end of the first day of the course, unless otherwise agreed. No refunds will be available after the money-back guarantee period.

b) On the rare occasion that is becomes necessary, The Oxbridge Formula reserves the right to alter the course date, venue and presenters indicated at the time of booking. In such circumstances, we would endeavour to provide a substitute of equal standing.

c) The Oxbridge Formula reserves the right to cancel a course due to very low enrolment or any last-minute unforeseen circumstances. Any participant enrolled on that course will be contacted immediately, and refunded the full course amount paid.

d) All bookings are non-transferable.

e) Any promotional price is valid only for the event date offered at the time of booking.

f) After a student has attended the first course bought as part of a bundle, no refunds will be available for cancellations of the subsequent courses within the bundle.

g) If two courses have been purchased within a bundle and The Oxbridge Formula changes or cancels the dates for one course within this multibuy package, resulting in the student no longer being able to attend, then the customer will be charged the advertised price on the date of purchase for the unchanged course and the remainder will be refunded.


5. Online Courses and Fair Use Policy

i) No refunds are available for online courses. 

ii) All subscriptions will continue until cancelled. If you wish to cancel your subscription, it is your responsibility to do so. Refunds will not be issued for forgetting to cancel a subscription.

iii) When you cancel your subscription, your order status will be changed to “pending cancellation”. This means you will have access to the material until the time when you would have been charged again, after which you will lose access. Cancelling your subscription is irreversible.

.iv) Once your subscription is cancelled, you will immediately lose access to its contents.

v) The amount of time between a monthly billing interval is one month. This means 30 days for some months (April, June etc.), 31 days for others, and then 28 or 29 days for February. 

vi) If a subscription is purchased on the last day of the month, recurring payments will continue to be charged on the last day of the month. Likewise, if the day a payment is normally charged is not the last day of the month, but it is on the 29th or 30th day of the month, and the next payment is due in February, then that payment will be charged on the last day in February.

vii) Fair Use Policy: free trials exist to allow students to sample courses they are interested in purchasing; they are intended for the student named in the account only; The Oxbridge Formula reserves the right to take steps to prevent the abuse of free trials.

viii) Users are responsible for the security of their own passwords, which are not to be shared with any other party.


6. Special circumstances

Any student who disrupts classes with inappropriate or unacceptable behaviour will be required to withdraw, in which circumstance, no fees will be refunded and there will be no further liability of The Oxbridge Formula. A zero tolerance policy applies towards any verbal and physical abuse to The Oxbridge Formula’s staff and fellow participants.


7. Accommodation and travel

a) The Oxbridge Formula’s courses are non-residential.

b) Students are expected to make their own travel arrangements to and from the venue and/or attend on Zoom


8. Meals

The Oxbridge Formula does not provide food or drink at any courses and participants should make their own meal provision. Students may bring a packed lunch and there are a variety of restaurants and coffee shops in the vicinity of the course venue, should participants wish to purchase food for lunch.


9. Force Majeure

The Oxbridge Formula cannot be held responsible for any loss, damage or expense resulting from any delay, variation or failure in the provision of services or facilities relating to any programme or course arising from circumstances beyond The Oxbridge Formula’s reasonable control, including (but not limited to) earthquake, flood, storm, act of God or of public enemies, national emergency, invasion, insurrection, riots, industrial disputes, boycott, interruption of services rendered by any public utility, or interference from any local, national or supra-national government agency or official. The above limitations will not apply insofar as any liability may not be excluded under the Unfair Contract Terms Act 1977.

The Oxbridge Formula shall not be liable for the cancellation of any booking or any unfulfilled Part thereof or for effecting partial delivery if performance by The Oxbridge Formula is prevented or delayed whether directly or indirectly by any cause whatsoever beyond the reasonable control of STEP Maths. whether such cause existed or was foreseeable at the date of acceptance of the Customer’s Order by The Oxbridge Formula or not and without prejudice to the generality of the foregoing any cause shall be deemed to prevent, hinder or delay The Oxbridge Formula if The Oxbridge Formula is thereby prevented, hindered or delayed from fulfilling their commitments whether to the Customer or to third parties.


10. Students’ property

While The Oxbridge Formula takes all reasonable precautions to ensure the safety and security of students at the course venue, it cannot accept responsibility, and expressly excludes liability, for loss or damage to students’ personal property (including computer equipment and software), including any financial or other consequential loss, where such loss or damage is as a result of theft, fire, flood, computer virus or any cause related to venue, computer facilities, or any other cause, except where such loss or damage is caused by The Oxbridge Formula negligence. It is recommended that students insure personal property against the risk of loss and damage.


11. Acts by other students and non-members of the organisation

The Oxbridge Formula’  cannot be held responsible for any injury to a student, or financial or other loss or damage resulting from such injury, or for damage to property, caused by any other student, or by any person who is not an employee or authorised agent of The Oxbridge Formula.

12. Financial loss

The Oxbridge Formula cannot accept responsibility for any financial or other loss suffered by a student as a consequence of any of the matters in respect of which liability is excluded within these terms and conditions.

13. Privacy Policy

Your payment details are not stored on The Oxbridge Formula’s servers. They are stored by the payment processor (Stripe or Paypal).

Once you are a customer (have bought a product from us or started a free trial), we will contact you with information and offers related to your application and relevant products. You can withdraw consent at any time.

You can read our full privacy policy here

We might monitor, record, store and use any communication with you in order to review what you have said, for training, for crime prevention, or to improve our processes and communications. We will not share or sell any recordings and they can be deleted once you make a written request.

14. Law and Construction

The contract of these terms and conditions shall be governed by English Law and The Oxbridge Formula and the client hereby submits to the exclusive jurisdiction of the English Courts in all matters regarding the contracts and these Terms and Conditions.


UniPrepCo Limited

A company registered in England and Wales

42-46 Station Road, London, HA8 7AB

Company No: 10351661

VAT No: 309014143