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The UCAT: Your Complete Guide

If you’re an aspiring doctor, and you’re not taking the BMAT, you’ll probably be taking the UCAT. But what exactly is the UCAT? What is the UCAT? The University Clinical Aptitude Test (UCAT) is a pre-interview assessment for students applying to...

Getting Ready for the BMAT and the UCAT

It is recommended that you begin preparing for the BMAT and/or UCAT the summer before you sit it at the latest. Especially with the BMAT, where there is so much content to cover, preparation is the key to a good score. Here is some advice for preparing for both...

Top Tips for Sitting the BMAT

So the day of the BMAT has come. What can you do to achieve that brilliant BMAT score and show universities and medical schools that you deserve a place? Here is a list of tips, honed by current Oxbridge medics, to help you secure a top class mark! Section 1: The...
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