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Maximise Your STEP Maths Score: Free Webinar Replay

Recorded January 2022. Please complete the form below to get the replay.

STEP is one of the hardest maths exams you’ll ever have to sit at school.

The STEP papers take A-Level Maths concepts but require undergraduate thinking in order to get high marks, and high marks are exactly what are required for some of the most competitive, quantitative courses out there like Cambridge Maths and Imperial Computer Science.

There is A LOT riding on your STEP result. STEP is an exam you do after you get your offer, and it determines whether you end up actually getting in or not.

Having helped hundreds of students with their STEP preparation over the years, we’ve seen that the biggest mistake students make when tackling questions is diving head-first into the problem.

Here at The Oxbridge Formula, we have a four step methodology, called P.R.O.F.

We’ll be accompanied by Cambridge mathematicians, and we’ll break down real STEP questions using our P.R.O.F. methodology, explaining our exact thought processes in how to tackle the question and how to reflect on it afterwards.

As a sneak peek, P.R.O.F. stands for:

  • Problem planning
  • Reflective reflex
  • Outline and organise
  • Fast and fluent

You’ll also be aware that universities give out many more offers than they have places and your admittance into the universities is completely dependent on your STEP score.

We will share honest advice for what it takes to succeed in an exam like STEP, looking at:

  • How to prepare
  • Exam technique
  • …and more.

We will also speak briefly about preparation options that The Oxbridge Formula provides (this won’t be the main part of the presentation, don’t worry!) so that you can book in a call with us to find out more, if you are interested.