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Review Request

(I’ll be uploading a more summarised video soon :))

Here are idea of phrases you could use (if you see someone else has used them, please don’t use again! ;)):

  • I hadn’t actually considered computer science and philosophy before but I think I’m going to apply for it now! Was fascinating to read about the philosophy side of things.
  • This book has solidified my decision to read maths at university. People always told me that maths at uni was really different to at school but the contents of a maths degree aren’t ever really discussed.
  • The book emphasises passion and potential as two important factors to oxbridge success. This is exactly the message that I want my students to hear.
  • Life-saver for personal statement ideas!!
  • Such a useful book. I’ve been really worried about the interviews but the interview scripts make me realise they are just a subject based conversation! Thanks for calming my nerves!
  • Really useful to understand all the different tests my son might have to take and how he can best prepare for them.
  • I didn’t realise there were so many admissions tests for Oxbridge. I will definitely be passing this book onto my students!!!
  • Finally, a book that I can feel confident to hand to my students. There’s very few other resources out there that I think explain the Oxbridge admissions process for Maths in the same way!
  • Just what we needed! My daughter’s school isn’t doing online lessons at the moment and The Oxbridge Formula has been amazing for putting the entire application process into one book. A very easy read too.
  • Was great to see some real Oxbridge personal statements, but also good advice that the personal statement isn’t that important for Oxbridge STEM subjects. Is helping me refocus a bit and put a bit more time into MAT preparation.
  • Great to have all of this info in one place. Can definitely see myself referring to this multiple times over the next few months!
  • I am going to be buying 5 of these books for my maths department. A very useful guide!
  • My niece is going to be applying to Oxford this year for either Physics or Engineering and I thought this guide would give her some inspiration. I was not wrong!! She is feeling more excited than ever about applying and she is now sure that Engineering is the subject for her!
  • Loved this book! The applicant profile were super interesting and will help me avoid making the same mistakes.
  • I’ve always wanted to Engineering but never heard of materials science before. I’m going to look into it now!
  • The whole oxbridge process is so long and convoluted – my daughter’s school doesn’t have much experience with it. This guide really helped. I can definitely see myself coming back to it several times over the next 6 months.
  • A very thorough guide. Thank you!
  • My teachers haven’t been able to help me much in terms of what I should do to prepare for my Oxbridge application. This book has answered a lot of my questions and also given me useful info about things I can go and research further. Would highly recommend if you’re applying for any physical sciences subject.
  • The personal statements just gave me so many ideas. I was told I should write about extra curriculars but now I get that “super-curriculars” are way more useful. Also that the interviews are going to be highly subject-based and not just a chat.
  • School’s not on because of coronavirus and we don’t have any lessons at the moment. So it’s been so great to be able to read this book and get on with my personal statement and start preparing for NSAA.

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I’m hoping to get 20 reviews before 22nd May…I sincerely appreciate your help with this 🙂

Paarul x