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Ultimate ENGAA Bundle

£759.00 for 8 months

This course is no longer available.

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Combines our Live Zoom October ENGAA Course with access to all the online ENGAA resources from our Platinum ENGAA Bundle for 8 months.

Live Zoom Courses:

October ENGAA Course

Dates: October 24th and 25th

Location: Live on Zoom

Times: 10am – 4:30pm (9am first day)

The second of our courses for students sitting the ENGAA for entry to Cambridge Engineering, building on the material from our Physics Summer School.

Following our summer Physics courses, in which we covered the syllabus topic-by-topic, our next courses are focused on exam technique.
Timing is one of the most difficult things in the ENGAA and it’s where the most students fall down.
Day 1: Maths and Physics Time Saving Tricks
On the first day of this course, we’ll teach tricks and techniques to make you quicker at calculations and help you spot how to speed up your working in both Physics and Maths multiple-choice questions in the style of ENGAA.
Day 2: Two Original, Timed, Live Mock Papers
On the second day, we’ll be giving you two realistic mock papers (these are brand new mock papers that you won’t have seen before) for the ENGAA, which we will then mark and discuss together. Doing practice papers in timed conditions is absolutely vital to practise the techniques we’ll have taught you and to see what you still need to work on before the exam.

PLUS 8 months of access to pre-recorded versions of our:

  • Maths for ENGAA Course
  • Physics Summer Course

to allow you to catch up on material you may have missed.

PLUS: all of the contents of our Platinum ENGAA Bundle (usually £349).

See bottom of page for more information about the courses and what they contain.

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A bundle comprising all of our resources for the ENGAA:

Live Zoom Courses:

October ENGAA Course

  • Dates: October 24th and 25th
  • Location: Live on Zoom
  • Times: 10am – 4:30pm (9am first day)
  • Content:
    • Day 1: Physics and Maths Time Saving Tricks
      • Speed up your calculations by spotting tricks like factors, approximations, proportionality arguments
      • Quickly apply the geometry of circles and triangles to forces, optics, and other questions
      • Master all the rules of logs and indices for use in simplifying or comparing sizes of terms
      • Rapidly analyse functions for their roots, stationary values, and limiting behaviour
    • Day 2: Mock papers: Apply what you’ve learned in two live, timed, exclusive ENGAA Mocks for 2020 specification (not part of our online resources), which will then be marked and discussed

Plus the following online versions of our live courses:

  • Maths for ENGAA Course (online version of 1-day course covering short multiple-choice questions on: inequalities and estimates, polynomials, graph-sketching, combining functions, inferences)
    • Value £99
  • Physics Summer Course (online version of 3-day course covering physics topics you will need to be familiar with for PAT, some of which you may not yet have covered at school; topics include: static forces, moving bodies, circular motion and orbits, circuits, waves and electromagnetic radiation, electric energy and forces, radioactive decay, springs and elasticity, general physical reasoning)
    • Value £149


Plus the following online resources:

ENGAA Past Paper Video Solutions

Detailed solution videos for every ENGAA question from specimen papers A and B and the 2016, 2017 and 2018 papers A and B (2019 coming soon!).


Original Mock ENGAA Papers and Video Solutions

Exclusive original mock papers by The Oxbridge Formula. We include questions from both sections of the test and have taken care to emulate the style and pace of the ENGAA papers. However, we have erred on the side of caution by giving you slightly more difficult questions so that you are fully prepared when you go into the exam.

  • 8 complete papers (4 section A, 4 section B)
  • Detailed video solutions


PAT Past Paper Video Solutions

Detailed solution videos for every PAT question from 2006-2018 (2019 coming soon!)


MAT Multiple Choice Video Solutions

Detailed solution videos to every multiple choice Maths question from the 2007 – 2018 MAT papers (2019 coming soon!) and the MAT specimen papers A and B. MAT multiple choice questions are similar in content and difficulty to Maths questions from the ENGAA exam.


Useful Physics Theory for Admissions Tests

Introducing and explaining Physics material needed for admissions tests that you may not have seen at school yet, together with more fundamental presentations and demonstrations of material you should know:

  • Combining springs vs combining resistors
  • Projectiles and orbits
  • Buoyancy and Archimedes’ Principle
  • Dimensional Analysis


Useful Maths Theory for Admissions Tests

Introducing and explaining Maths material needed for admissions tests that you may not have seen at school yet:

  • Advanced differentiation and integration
  • Vectors and geometry
  • Algebraic expressions with arbitrary powers
  • Tricks to go faster, avoid errors, and spot clues


Original Extra Extension Physics Questions

Original longer Physics questions by STEP Maths, with video solutions


Physics Practice from BMAT

Collected Physics questions from past BMAT papers, with video solutions. Plus, a video guide to the Physics syllabus. Good preparation for the Physics in ENGAA Section 1 Part A.


Example video:

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