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UCAT Summer Supercharger

£615.00 for 6 months

  • 2-Day UCAT Summer School
    • Dates: 28th & 29th July
    • Times: 9am – 4pm
  • 15,000+ question bank
  • Weekly Medicine Masterclass from August to December


About the UCAT Summer School

As you’re probably aware the UCAT is an incredibly time pressured exam that is compulsory for the majority of dental and medical school applicants here in the UK. It’s critical that you get a high mark in this test as whether or not you’ll be called to interview will be dependent on the score that you achieve.

The UCAT is incredibly time pressured and while under non-timed conditions a lot of these questions would be straightforward, with the intense time pressure that the UCAT presents, many students don’t actually get to finish the paper!

So in our two-day UCAT summer course, we’ll go through concrete techniques in each of the five sections of the UCAT (listed below) which will shave seconds if not 10s of seconds off every question. This means you’re able to achieve a lot more during the test and gain the highest score possible! Moreover, as the test is multiple choice, tricks are built into the options to try and catch you out, which you can be tempted to pick given the time restraints of the test. Only with the expert tips and techniques that we’re going to be teaching you will you be able to differentiate between what you think the question is asking and what it’s really looking for.

We will cover:

  • Decision Making
  • Verbal Reasoning
  • Quantitative Reasoning
  • Abstract Reasoning
  • Situational Judgement

About the UCAT online resources:

So in addition to the intensive UCAT summer school, we will be giving you access to a massive question bank of 15,000+ questions. As I’m sure you’re aware, copious practice is going to be the key to getting you your high score, as well as the tips and tricks that you’ll learn with us.

These 15,000+ questions cover a huge variety of question types across all 5 sections of the UCAT exam, as well as mini mocks for each section so that you can test yourself on what you have learnt!

About the Medicine Masterclass:

In addition to preparing you for the UCAT exam, we haven’t forgot forgotten about the number of hoops that medical or dental applicants have to jump through in order to gain their place at medical school.

This includes everything from making sure you have a highly effective personal statement, being fully prepared for the MMI or panel style interviews, being well versed with medical ethics, understanding how to communicate effectively with patients etc.

In our weekly Medicine Masterclass, which we’re going to be holding from August to December, we will be discussing all of these topics and more. The sessions will be held in a highly interactive format on zoom with current Oxbridge medical tutors, giving you tips from those who have gone through the application processes themselves!

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