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Pre-recorded PAT Summer Bundle for Oxbridge Academy Students

£249.00 for 10 months

If you can’t make our live summer courses for PAT, we have a pre-recorded version, so you can attempt and see solutions to the questions we cover, just without the interactive aspect of a live course (usual value £249).

Physics Summer School

  • Aims to bring you up to scratch with all of the commonly-occurring subject matter that could be examined through PAT or at interview, including topics that you were meant to learn at school this term or wouldn’t have learnt until next year anyway.
  • Content: forces, dynamics and kinematics, circular motion and orbits, circuits, waves and EM radiation, electric energy and forces, radioactivity, springs and elasticity, astronomy, general physical reasoning

Maths for PAT Course

  • A selection of novel questions and past questions from older admissions tests, intended to be useful even for those who have seen all readily available past questions.
  • Content: Justifying and qualifying inferences, iterating and composing functions, inequalities and estimates, higher order polynomials, sketching unfamiliar graphs

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