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PAT Problem Solving Course (Live)


Dates: October 17th and 18th

Location: Live on Zoom

Times: 10am – 4:30pm (9am first day)

Course 2 of 2, building on the material in our earlier Physics Summer School

Over the last few years, the long Physics questions in the PAT have become harder and harder, almost emulating the style of 1st-year undergraduate Physics. In this course, we will take you through some of the hardest problems, which bring together multiple topics, including some you may not have studied at school yet.

This course will challenge you to your limits and make sure you are not thrown by any problem that appears in the exam.

See bottom of page for more information about the course and what it contains.


A 2-day Preparation Course for students sitting PAT for entry to Oxford for Physics, Engineering, Materials Science, and related degrees. Takes place in October.

University applicants for Physics or Engineering are expected to have outstanding problem-solving skills.

In particular, if you are taking the PAT entrance exam, you will be directly tested on your ability to understand problems, pick out all important information, choose a method of evaluation or analysis, and determine an answer, all without direction as to what route to take.

Our PAT Problem-Solving Course will take you through a series of carefully crafted questions to help you build up the skills you already have and develop new ones. Among the topics we will cover are capacitors, circular motion, optics, radioactivity, and scaling laws.

You will be able to practise evaluating questions similar in topic and intent to PAT in the form of a collaborative group problem-solving session.

In this way, you will be able to absorb ideas from others and practise succinctly presenting your own ideas, but you will also have continual support from our tutors to guide you and expand on your own thinking where necessary.

You will learn to:

  • Effortlessly manipulate and apply unfamiliar formulae
  • Draw together knowledge from the whole of the syllabus and apply it to very challenging problems
  • Employ geometry and graph sketching in Physics
  • Rehearse explaining your assumptions and evaluating your results
  • Dive deeper into the background and significance of familiar material


Please note, this course assumes knowledge of everything covered in our 3-day Physics Summer School. If you did not attend, we recommend working through our online course before attending. This can be found in our Ultimate Bundle.

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