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Online Only (Pre-recorded) BMAT Bundle

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A bundle comprising all of our pre-recorded online resources for BMAT.

See below for more details on the contents of this bundle.


A bundle comprising the following pre-recorded online resources:

BMAT Past Paper Video Solutions

Detailed video solutions for:

  • Every BMAT Section 1 (Problem Solving and Understanding Argument) question from 2012, 2013, 2015, 2016, 2017 (see below for even more Section 1 Problem Solving solutions)
  • Every BMAT Section 2 (Biology, Chemistry, Maths, Physics) question from 2003-2017

with a focus on answering questions as quickly as possible.


  • Official written solutions to all 2014 questions
  • A series of videos comprehensively detailing the specification requirements for Section 2 for Biology, Chemistry and Physics
  • Video tutorials explaining essay plans for BMAT Section 3 questions from 2012, 2013, 2015, 2016
  • Tips and guidance for planning your BMAT Section 3 essay


Problem Solving Practice: BMAT Section 1 Video Solutions 2003-2011

Video solutions to BMAT Problem Solving Questions for 2003-2011, for extra practice on top of the 2012-17 solutions above.


Problem Solving and Critical Thinking from TSA

Over 300 TSA questions on Problem Solving (very similar to BMAT Problem Solving questions) and Critical Thinking (very similar to BMAT Understanding Argument questions) for your practice, together with video solutions.


UCAT Video Tutorials

A series of videos which cover in detail the specification and the question types within each subtest.

  • A discussion of each of the different sections of the UCAT, with a focus on timing and strategy
  • A series of videos covering each of the individual question types for each subtest
  • Video walkthroughs for examples of each question type


Bonus: Medical Personal Statement and Interview Guide

  • A discussion on the ingredients of an effective personal statement
  • Videos analysing individual personal statements for their strengths and weaknesses
  • A series of videos covering different interview types, with example answers analysed in detail


Example video:

Book free Year 12 Oxbridge Programme Consultation
Book free Year 13 STEP 2/3 Programme Consultation
Book free Year 12/13 Medicine Mastermind Consultation