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MAT Online Subscription

£90.00 / month with 1 day free trial

This course is no longer available.

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Includes the following online resources:

  • MAT Past Paper Video Solutions
  • Useful Maths Theory for Admissions Tests
  • MAT/TMUA Warm-up Questions
  • Original Extra Maths Multiple Choice Questions
  • TMUA Past Paper Video Solutions
  • TMUA Mock Papers

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Please note that the one day free trial will not be available after October 18th.

You can cancel your subscription at any time by clicking on ‘My Account’, at which time you will lose access to the online materials. You will be billed monthly until your subscription ends. For more information, please read our FAQs.

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This subscription provides students with online resources to help prepare them for MAT.

The purpose of the MAT is to help identify those students who are capable of studying a mathematical subject at university. But what is it really testing? It’s not just about knowledge of the A-level syllabus. To secure a good score, what you really need to be able to do is to quickly analyse and then solve problems with things that you’ve never seen before, which might mean crazy-looking graphs, equations with too many variables, or abstract algorithmic procedures. 

But does that mean there’s no way to learn to improve at the MAT? Not at all! There are still patterns and broadly-useful skills to learn. They just aren’t things that are taught at A-level.

It’s to help you learn these that we created our MAT Online Subscription. It contains video solutions to every single MAT question from the last 12 years (including questions 6 and 7). Created by experienced Oxbridge tutors, they distill the essence of a 1-1 tutorial into an affordable and easily accessible online package. Plus, it includes 350+ additional practice questions, some we’ve created ourselves, and some from Maths entrance tests of similar difficulty to the MAT. And each practice question comes with its own video solution.

In our experience, merely doing past paper questions is only 50% effective. To maximise your performance, you also need to be able to pick up on subtleties that the written solutions might gloss over, to see a variety of methods in order to expand your own problem-solving toolbox, and most of all, to come to understand how you could more quickly and easily have figured out how to start attacking the question. Our videos are designed to teach you all of these skills and more, as well as thoroughly but efficiently explaining the solution to every question.

Plus, the video format combines written solutions, verbal explanations, and visual demonstrations. So, if you struggle to follow the dry, text-heavy official solutions, or start to tune out if someone is talking through a problem without any visual reference, you might just find these videos make all the difference in making everything clear to you.

Includes the following online resources:

MAT Past Paper Video Solutions

Detailed solution videos for every MAT question from:

    • All MAT papers 2007-2017
    • MAT specimen papers A and B
    • 2018 to be added by the end of summer!


Useful Maths Theory for Admissions Tests

Introducing and explaining Maths material needed for admissions tests that you may not have seen at school yet:

  • Advanced differentiation and integration
  • Vectors and geometry
  • Algebraic expressions with arbitrary powers
  • Tricks to go faster, avoid errors, and spot clues


MAT/TMUA Warm-up Questions

Practice questions we’ve made on 9 common MAT topics by STEP Maths, with video solutions


Original Extra Maths Multiple Choice Questions

150+ multiple choice questions created by STEP Maths, in the style of MAT Question 1, with video solutions


TMUA Past Paper Video Solutions

Detailed solution videos for the following TMUA papers (an admissions test similar to MAT):

  • TMUA specimen papers A and B
  • TMUA practice papers A and B


TMUA Mock Papers

Two TMUA-style mock papers created by STEP Maths, including full solutions


Example video:

Book Year 12 Oxbridge Programme Consultation
Book Year 13 STEP 2/3 Programme Consultation
Book Year 12/13 Medicine Mastermind Consultation