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MAT Maximise Your Summer – Essentials

£1,647.00 for 6 months


Combines our in-person Maths Summer School and MAT/STEP course, with access to all the online MAT resources!

We’ve designed our MAT summer courses to lead you through all the most essential topics and really hone your problem-solving skills, which will be the backbone of your MAT performance. In our workshop-style setting, our friendly experts will always be on hand to answer your individual questions, and you can collaborate with your fellow Maths/CS applicants. The key benefit is that you’ll be developing skills that are either universally useful or are relevant to topics that come up every year. Your speed, accuracy, and confidence in MAT questions will all be turbocharged, so you’ll have the foundation you need to work on the specifics in the following months.

But what should that follow-up work look like? In our experience, merely doing past paper questions is only 50% effective. To maximise your performance, you also need to pick up on subtleties that the written solutions gloss over, see a variety of approaches to expand your problem-solving toolbox, and extract methods for starting a question alone, not just following a solution. In our online video resources, our experienced Oxbridge tutors distil the essence of a 1-1 tutorial into an online package to help you develop these skills, as well as thoroughly but efficiently explaining the solution to every question. Plus, we’ve included 350+ additional practice questions, each with its own further video solution.

This bundle contains the following live courses:

Maths Admissions Summer School (on Zoom)

  • Details: August 10th – 13th, 10am – 4pm
  • MAT and STEP past questions based on Year 12 Maths, which are useful for all maths admissions papers.
  • Content:
    • Learn how to plan for and present all of the most essential kinds of proof
    • Examine the subtlest aspects of manipulating inequalities
    • Perfect your understanding of necessary and sufficient conditions
    • Analyse unfamiliar graphs with symmetry tricks
    • Master the art of dividing problems by cases


MAT/STEP 4-day Course (on Zoom)

  • Details: 24th – 27th August, 10am – 4pm Uk time


MAT Past Paper Video Solutions

Detailed solution videos for every MAT question from:

    • All MAT papers 2007-2019
    • MAT specimen papers A and B


Useful Maths Theory for Admissions Tests

Introducing and explaining Maths material needed for admissions tests that you may not have seen at school yet:

  • Advanced differentiation and integration
  • Vectors and geometry
  • Algebraic expressions with arbitrary powers
  • Tricks to go faster, avoid errors, and spot clues


MAT/TMUA Warm-up Questions

Practice questions we’ve made on 9 common MAT topics by STEP Maths, with video solutions


Original Extra Maths Multiple Choice Questions

150+ multiple choice questions created by STEP Maths, in the style of MAT Question 1, with video solutions


TMUA Past Paper Video Solutions

Detailed solution videos for the following TMUA papers (an admissions test similar to MAT):

  • TMUA specimen papers A and B
  • TMUA practice papers A and B


TMUA Mock Papers

Two TMUA-style mock papers created by STEP Maths, including full solutions


Example video:

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