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FREE GSA Oxbridge Taster Bundle


Calling all GSA teachers! Want to give your students FREE EXCLUSIVE access to video tutorials we have made for STEP, MAT, PAT, ENGAA, NSAA, CSAT, PBSAA, ECAA, TSA, GAA, BMAT, UKCAT, and TMUA? This is your perfect opportunity to do so! We have created this taster bundle for GSA schools to include resources from all of the tests that we help students prepare for!

Did we mention that it’s FREE?! You can sign up as a teacher and then give access to all of the students who you think will benefit from the resources!

Given that AS levels no longer exist (at least not to the same extent), the pressure on students to perform highly in these entrance tests is higher than ever. So why not boost their preparation by giving them access to expert-created, detailed video tutorials.

How you give your students access:

IMPORTANT: When you add to basket, choose “30” (or the number of students to whom you wish to give access!) otherwise you won’t be able to give access to all your students.


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At STEP Maths, we have a huge selection of tutorial videos for admissions tests. They have been created by subject experts and have been created to tackle not only the HOWs of the questions, but also the WHYs…(Why did you do that step, how did you know to do that, what part of the question made you think that was the best way to approach it?)

Check out some of our sample videos here (there are plenty more within the Taster Bundle!)


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