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ECAA Maximise Your Summer – Essentials

£1,647.00 for 6 months

This bundle is ideal for you if you are sitting ECAA and are not able to make it to any of our live courses.

You will gain access to past paper video solutions, original practice questions, and other online resources. See below for more details on the contents of this bundle.

You will have access to these materials until the exam has taken place.


Contains the following live courses:

1) Economics Summer Course (on Zoom)

Details: 7th and 14th August, 10am – 4pm (2 days)

2) Maths Summer Course (on Zoom)

Details: 10th to 13th August, 10am – 4pm (9am first day)

…plus the following online resources:


ECAA Past Paper Video Solutions

Full video solutions to both Section 1 (multiple choice) and Section 2 (essay) of the following ECAA papers:

  • Specimen
  • 2016
  • 2017
  • 2018
  • 2019 (coming soon!)


ECAA Section 2 Practice Essays

Original practice essay prompts in the style of ECAA Section 2, with an accompanying video tutorial for each one.


TMUA Past Paper Video Solutions

The TMUA contains maths questions very similar to (sometimes identical with) the questions in ECAA Section 1. This course comprises detailed solution videos for the following TMUA papers:

  • Specimen papers A and B
  • Practice papers A and B
  • 2017 papers A and B
  • 2018 papers A and B
  • 2019 papers A and B (coming soon!)


TMUA Mock Papers

Two original TMUA mock papers by The Oxbridge Formula, including full solutions


MAT Multiple Choice Video Solutions

Detailed solution videos for every multiple choice MAT question from:

  • All MAT papers 2007-2018 (2019 coming soon!)
  • MAT specimen papers A and B


TMUA/MAT Warm-up Questions

Original practice questions on 9 common Maths topics by The Oxbridge Formula, with video solutions


Original Extra Maths Multiple Choice Questions

150+ original ECAA-style multiple choice questions by The Oxbridge Formula, with video solutions


Example Video


Testimonial Video

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