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Bronze MAT Accelerator

£997.00 for 1 year


  • Complete MAT video solutions library
  • 300+ additional practice questions and video solutions


What makes the MAT so tricky? One key challenge that students face isn’t doing the questions themselves. It’s knowing how to know what to do in the first place – i.e. how to unpick the clues hidden away within a question to formulate a path through it.

As part of our Bronze Accelerator, you’ll get access to past paper video solutions created by experienced Oxbridge tutors, which distil the essence of a 1-1 tutorial into an accessible online package and teach you techniques to tackle questions faster.

See bottom of page for more information about the courses and what they contain.

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Comprises the following video resources:

MAT Past Paper Video Solutions

Detailed solution videos for every MAT question from:

  • All MAT papers 2007-2019 (2020 coming soon)
  • MAT specimen papers A and B


Useful Maths Theory for Admissions Tests

Introducing and explaining Maths material needed for admissions tests that you may not have seen at school yet:

  • Advanced differentiation and integration
  • Vectors and geometry
  • Algebraic expressions with arbitrary powers
  • Tricks to go faster, avoid errors, and spot clues


MAT/TMUA Warm-up Questions

Practice questions we’ve made on 9 common MAT topics, with video solutions


Original Extra Maths Multiple Choice Questions

150+ multiple choice questions created by The Oxbridge Formula in the style of MAT Question 1, with video solutions


TMUA Past Paper Video Solutions

Detailed solution videos for the following TMUA papers (an admissions test similar to MAT):

  • TMUA specimen papers A and B
  • TMUA practice papers A and B
  • TMUA past paper 2017-2019 (2020 coming soon)


TMUA Mock Papers

Two TMUA-style mock papers created by The Oxbridge Formula, including full solutions

Bonus: Intuition Videos

Animations and visualisations for those questions from each past paper for which visual intuition is most useful, typically those involving geometry, graphs, multiple cases, and changing parameters. Watch alongside the past paper solutions to develop your own intuition and gain a more profound understanding of what is going on behind the algebra.


“Using the online resources, I felt there was somewhere I could turn every time I had a question!” –Charlotte

“It’s really helpful to see the best way to tackle a question and what to start with. In particular, the use of diagrams to explain problems made a lot of the explanations very clear.” – Siddharth


Example video:


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