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Physics-Centred Oxbridge Interview Preparation Courses 2022

Physics-Centred Practice Interview Courses 2022

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Once you’ve sent through your UCAS application and the PAT/ENGAA/NSAA test is over and done with, you’ll be starting to think about Oxbridge interviews. Good news: we’re offering an interview preparation course with a difference.

High intensity. You’ll be interviewed in front of all candidates but also get to watch their interviews and answer the questions simultaneously.



So, if you’re looking to be grilled before the interview so that the actual interview is a breeze, we’re offering:

  • Personal statement scrutiny – can you answer questions about everything you’ve written on your personal statement, from power plants to Quantum Mechanics
  • Oxbridge-Tutorial-Style discussions of interview-style questions and answers.
  • A 30 min interview with a highly experienced Physics Tutor and Cambridge graduate.
  • The chance to watch everyone else’s interviews and get 10x the benefit – see what they are writing too and try the questions at the same time!
  • Detailed and constructive feedback to improve.
  • Plenary session to put feedback into practice.
  • A question and answer session to ask all your burning questions about what an Oxbridge interview is like.
  • Uniquely, we at The Oxbridge Formula specialise in Maths and Physics education. Unlike other generic Oxbridge Preparation organisations, we can provide specific guidance and help and we will be more than happy to answer any questions you have on the day.

What’s so special about the Oxbridge Formula Interview Day?

We will begin the day with an interview skills session. This will include a chance to have your personal statement scrutinised and an opportunity to practice answering questions about it. You will gain confidence and practice with Oxbridge Physics interview questions and answers, and you will be shown how to communicate your answers so that you are able to demonstrate your passion and potential in Physics or Engineering.

You will then get a 30 min interview, under pressure. But instead of receiving just one practice interview, you will get the opportunity to sit in on and observe every other student being interviewed to and get 10x the benefit. As each student will receive completely different questions to you, you will get to see a large variety of questions and try them out yourself too.

As Science and Maths are two of the only subjects where your written work is arguably as important (if not more important) than your verbal answers, we have a unique setup whereby the interviewee will be able to write his or her solutions, and the other students will be able to see what is being written, without the interviewee feeling unnecessarily intimidated.

You can analyse how you would have answered particular questions and compare your method to how others answered. You will be given access to a whole host of new interview questions, written by expert tutors from The Oxbridge Formula. As you’ll all have shared the same experience, you’ll be able to discuss questions together afterwards too.

Please note: this course is non-refundable and has strictly limited places

Key Details about the Day

  • Get a 30 min mock interview resembling an Oxford or Cambridge style interview (Standard Seat only)
  • Observe the interviews that other students get, allowing you to learn from each other and compare approaches to the questions
  • Come away with access to Physics interview questions you most likely won’t have seen before
  • Have your personal statement read and practise answering questions on it
  • Group discussion of all questions used, plus general interview advice


“The problems posed are really unique and challenging. They are unfamiliar so the mock interview scenario feels very real and is incredibly good practice!”

Anusha A

“The questions were more challenging than other mock interviews I have done and the pressure of everyone watching adds authenticity to the experience”

Sofia W

“It’s a realistic environment – definitely good preparation for an actual interview”

Charlie M

Great feedback at the end on strengths and weaknesses”

Amit K

“The questions were all incredibly relevant and exactly like the ones you would expect at interview. Extremely challenging at points – making it even more interesting

Keshav M


Why is the interview so important for my Oxbridge Application?
Your university interview is the ultimate factor determining whether you will be made an offer. After spending so long preparing for admissions tests such as the PAT, ENGAA, and NSAA, it can be tempting to leave interview preparation until after you know for sure that you have been invited to interview. However, we strongly believe that starting Physics interview preparation early will leave you in the best position to ace the real thing.
How is the STEPMaths Interview Day different from a general interview course?
Our Physics Mock Interview Day will be conducted by experienced and extremely well-qualified tutors who have years of tutoring experience, and who are Oxbridge Graduates themselves.

Plus, we totally specialise in Physics, Maths, and Engineering, and we are sure you won’t have seen our interview questions before, which are both realistic and very challenging.

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