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As Natural Sciences covers a wide range of sciences, you may want to read a couple of books about each science that interests you. You can find a recommended reading list for many of the subjects in these blog posts:

If you’re interested in taking Earth Sciences at Part IA, it may also be worth reading around the subject a little. 

Earth Sciences Books

Bryson, A Short History of Nearly Everything

This is an accessible read that gives an overview of geology, particle physics and chemistry. It goes through the history of the world and its formation, and outlines many concepts crucial to the study of Earth sciences. Although not academic in its nature, if you aren’t sure whether Earth sciences would interest you, this book will give you some food for thought. 

Hazen, The Story of the Earth

This book gives a historical approach to the formation of the Earth. Hazen also goes through issues the Earth is currently facing, and introduces many of the key components of Earth sciences, and explores their methodology. Another accessible read, it covers the entire scope of the history of the Earth, and so will give you a great breadth of information. 

Press, Understanding Earth 

This is more of an academic textbook, but it will give you an insight into university Earth sciences. It provides introductory lessons into lots of the theory of Earth sciences, as well as the experimental techniques required in fieldwork. Fieldwork is a big part of the Cambridge course, and is assessed throughout the degree.