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It is important to be well prepared for the ENGAA. Although it is not the only thing that will determine your fate with the admissions tutors, it is an important part of the application process, as it is the only quantitative proof they will have of your abilities. Here are the best ways to prepare, so that you can perform to your full capability in the ENGAA. 

A-Level Maths and Physics practice

The syllabus for the ENGAA is lifted from the A-Level Maths and Physics courses. It is therefore important to start by getting to know the syllabus inside out. Also, try practicing answering more involved A-level questions. Although the ENGAA questions are designed to be more taxing and challenging, some of the easier ones will be of a similar level to the harder end of A-Level. Getting yourself as comfortable as possible with solving A-Level standard problems is important preparation.

Courses at STEPMaths

At STEPMaths we offer 4 different courses to help with preparation for the ENGAA. Two of these courses focus solely on the ENGAA, including a Maths for ENGAA and a Time-Saving Tricks course. The ENGAA is very time-pressured, and it is common not to get through all of the answers in Section 1. It is therefore important to practice different methods of time-saving when answering these short questions, and our course is designed to provide you with a time-saving tool-kit!

“I found that the course was a really succinct way to prepare yourself for the level of understanding required in order to complete an application test. I found all the topics useful and supplemented my A-level learning without extending it to much, creating a perfect teaching environment.”

Jamie T, student on STEPMath course

Past Papers

The most obvious way to prepare for the ENGAA is to practice. Doing as many past papers as you can will acclimatise you to the standard and expose you to lots of the style of questions that you will be asked. You can find all of the ENGAA past papers online on our website, along with worked video solutions. Furthermore, if you run out of past papers, we also have over 300 original ENGAA-style questions, designed and solved by expert tutors. 

As the ENGAA is a time-pressured exam, it is important to practice doing the ENGAA to time. However, when you first begin preparation, it is useful to do a few papers out of timed conditions. Thoroughly answer these papers as best as you can, and try and solve them perfectly, allowing yourself to check your textbooks and consult your teachers. As you get closer to the exam, start removing your textbooks, and maybe just replace them with flashcards of a few keywords that you may forget. Eventually, entirely eradicate all extra support, and do the papers in timed conditions. 


Don’t worry if at first the ENGAA seems insurmountable! It’s a difficult exam, and it is normal not to get through all of the questions in the short allocated time. Practicing as often as you can is the best way to familiarise yourself with the questions, which will help you shave off the extra minutes.

Remember: although it’s a time-pressured exam, don’t panic, and don’t stress too much. If you’ve prepared properly, and you keep calm and focused, you’ll put yourself in the best position possible. And why not take a look at our tips for taking the ENGAA, so you can make the most out of your time in the exam room?