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6-Step Formula for Perfecting Your Personal Statement – A free workshop for Oxbridge Mathematical and Physical Science applicants

Saturday 24th July 2021, 9:30am. Live on Zoom.

Get a seriously decent draft of your PS ready in just 3 hours.

Writing your personal statement can feel like an insurmountable challenge.

Yet for Oxbridge applicants in the mathematical and physical sciences (Maths, Physics, Engineering, Computer Science, Physical Natural Sciences, Materials Science and more), the personal statement is only a small piece of the puzzle.

The Oxbridge Formula Work Smart Parents' Webinar


In this personal statement workshop that we have designed specifically for: Maths, Physics, Computer Science, and Engineering applicants (and applicants for related courses), we will be giving you a formula (and talking you through) how you can get a VERY GOOD personal statement written in half a day

That means you can spend more of your summer on what truly matters: admissions test and interview preparation.

What we’ll cover

The first half of the workshop will focus on brainstorming your ideas and becoming very clear on the structure of your personal statement.

The second half will discuss what “good” and “bad” personal statement paragraphs look like and you will start writing your own.

The workshop is highly interactive: the intention is that you will have a decent personal statement draft by the end of the session.

Throughout, you can expect to receive live feedback on your personal statement OR observe the feedback that others receive.

Hear what our students have to say:

“My school spent 2 whole days on personal statements and I learned more in this 3-hour session run by The Oxbridge Formula.”

“I’m now very clear on what I need to do to complete my personal statement. This was extremely helpful!”

During this workshop, we will also be discussing the various admissions test and interview preparation options that we provide. (Don’t worry – this will only be a small part of the workshop!)

If you like what you hear, you can book in a free assessment and consultation to determine how we can help you maximise your chances.

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