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It’s tricky to write an Economics personal statement. You want to show the admissions tutors your engagement with economics, and also that you are a teachable student who is capable and passionate. We’ve got a few ideas of what you could include, to show just how much you love economics.


Reading is the best way that you can explore the subject further. To impress the admissions tutors, you want to show that you have read a few economics books, but importantly, that you have understood and thought about them. For some idea of where to start, why not take a look at our economics reading list?

Remember: you don’t want to just pepper your personal statement with the names of random books, but include some short analysis as to why you enjoyed the book, and what you did to follow up on the interest begun by reading it. 


Showing an engagement in current affairs that relate to economics is good. If you can find a recent economic event that particularly interests you, this shows you are switched on and interested in the applications of economics to society. However, make sure you are always linking the news you mention back to economics, as the subject is the most important thing! 

Lectures, Podcasts, Online Videos 

Another way to explore the subject and show this to admissions tutors is through lectures. There are lots of free lectures across the country that link to economics that you can attend to explore the field further. Furthermore, there are lots of online lectures, as well as podcasts and videos, that do the same thing. Here are some useful videos and podcasts you might want to look into: 

  • Freakonomics (website is full of interesting podcasts)
  • Planet Money 
  • EconTalk
  • Jacob Clifford youtube channel


Attending and listening to debates on economic matters is another great thing to do in preparation for writing your personal statement. If you can form your own opinion, or actively take one side of the debate, this will impress the admissions tutors. They want to see not just that you are ticking the boxes of preparing for economics, but that you are thinking for yourself, and developing your own thoughts and understanding. 


Above all, remember that your personal statement ought to be exactly that – personal. It ought to explain to the tutors why you want to study this degree. If you can do this, with concrete, specific examples of how you’ve explored and enjoyed economics, then you’ll be off to a flying start.

If you’ve got a finely honed personal statement, then you’ll want to start thinking about the admissions test for Oxbridge Economics – the TSA for Oxford, and the ECAA for Cambridge.

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