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Computer Science is a mathematical degree, and an interest in maths is crucial to your success in it. However, if you really love maths and don’t want to give it up as a discipline in its own right, then Maths and Computer Science might be a better course option for you. 

Why should you do Maths and Computer Science?

Although there will be a lot of interplay between the maths and computer science you study, this degree will give you the opportunity to explore other parts of maths, such as some applied modules and analysis, that you may not get the opportunity to study if you choose pure Computer Science. Our first blog post provides more details about studying maths at university, and the different modules this course encompasses.

Which universities offer Maths and Computer Science?

Maths and Computer Science is offered at Oxford but not Cambridge, and it is an established joint honours offered at a wide variety of universities including: Birmingham, Bristol, Bath, Durham, Edinburgh, Imperial, King’s, St. Andrew’s, and Exeter.


The skills crucial to success in both maths and computer Science overlap, so the success you experience in one area of this degree will likely be echoed across all of it. This series of blog posts explores Maths and Computer science a little more, although details of the two courses as single honours can be found in our Oxbridge maths post and Oxbridge Computer Science post. Our next post compares Computer Science at Oxford and Cambridge.

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