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If you loved maths at school and particularly enjoyed the statistics modules, then Maths and Statistics could be the course for you!

What’s a Maths and Statistics course like?

Maths and Statistics is offered as a joint honours at Oxford, whereas at Cambridge you can just pick more statistics options in the latter years if you particularly enjoy this side of applied mathematics.

However, in the Oxford course you do study the same first-year course as pure mathematicians, and it is only in second year that the course develops and starts including more statistics. You will have to sit a probability module and a statistics module (open to all mathematicians) that builds upon the probability and statistics covered in Prelims. You will also get the option to study statistical programming and simulation, as well as more pure maths options.

In your third year, you get even more statistical options, including: 

  • Applied and computational statistics
  • Statistical inference
  • Statistical machine learning
  • Applied probability
  • Statistical lifetime models
  • Actuarial science

It’s also worth bearing in mind that the Oxford maths course is very pure. If you particularly enjoy applied mathematics, then Maths and Statistics may appeal to you more, as you get the opportunity to enjoy a wider range of applied options later in the degree, as explored above. 

Can I do Maths and Statistics anywhere but Oxbridge?

Maths and Statistics is offered as a joint honours at many universities, including: 

  • Durham 
  • Newcastle
  • Warwick
  • Glasgow
  • Liverpool
  • St Andrew’s 
  • Bath
  • Bristol


If you’re particularly interested in statistics – and especially if you’re interested in a career that involves the practical application of maths, like actuarial work – then Maths and Statistics could be ideal for you. If you’re interested, take a look at our guide to the Maths and Statistics application process!