Year 12 Oxbridge Programmes / New Year 13 Interview Programmes
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1-1 Oxbridge Interview Prep

Learn from Oxbridge grads for interview success – all subjects

“My tutor provided excellent preparation for my Cambridge application; he coached me expertly through example problems in preparation for the interview and had a professional teaching regimen. I now have a confirmed place at Cambridge.” – O.

“I was matched with an extremely friendly and supportive tutor who put me at ease. Not only did he help me, but he also took a genuine interest in my success. He’s very experienced in university admissions and gave me a lot of advice that really helped me at interview and led to me receiving an unconditional offer.” – A.

“My daughter’s tutor created a plan of what she needed over several weeks and gave us thoughtful feedback. She found it stimulating, enjoyable and very helpful. We feel that this has gone a long way to helping her secure an Oxford offer.” – R.

Having any of these interview woes?

  • “I understand the concepts in my head but just can’t get the words out to explain them!”
  • “Interview questions seem to cover so much off-syllabus content, it feels so different!”
  • “The nerves of being in an interview situation totally paralyse me”
  • “I have one topic I’m realllly bad at. If it comes up, my chances will be completely ruined”
  • “I’m pretty sure my school mock interview was way easier than the real thing”
  • “I’m super confident with stuff I know, but throw something unfamiliar at me and I’ll freeze!”
  • “I love my subject, but I don’t usually exude passion when talking about…anything!”

12 ways our Bespoke 1-1 Tuition Package will help you

ace your interview

  1. The 1-1 sessions will be totally bespoke, so you can get the help exactly where you need it.
  2. You’ll get help to articulate your ideas in a structured and coherent manner, from someone who knows your subject inside out.
  3. Our tutors will provide you with lots of new and unfamiliar material and present questions to you that will force you to begin thinking more clearly.
  4. As all of our tutors are subject experts with Oxbridge degrees, you’ll be able to explore problems and topics in a huge amount of depth.

  1. You’ll be able to identify common types of questions and perfect those, as well as move on to more challenging material that really gets you thinking.
  2. You 1-1 tutor will point you in the direction of other resources, reading materials and practice questions, after identifying your weaknesses.
  3. You’ll be subjected to some really tough interview questions, to emulate the difficulty of a real Oxbridge interview.
  4. You’ll get tips on how to start a question: what clues to look for in the question itself, or the right questions to ask to get the conversation flowing.

  1. If you’re a scientist, your working with be scrutinised by your tutor, to ensure it is legible, clear and logical. You will be encouraged to make use of diagrams and graph sketches, even if you usually hate using them!
  2. If you’re an Arts student, your arguments and judgements will be scrutinised, you’ll learn to defend your viewpoint and the tutor will play devil’s advocate with you to force you to evaluate your thinking.
  3. You’ll be thoroughly tested on everything you’ve talked about on your personal statement, to ensure you’re not caught out.
  4. You tutor will help to show you how you can transform a back-and-forth interview into a smoothly flowing conversation, convincing the interviewer that you are someone they would love to teach.
  5. We’ll coach you on body language, and how to look confident, even if you’re shaking on the inside!

We are very fussy about who we employ to teach you. But don’t take our (written) word for it. Book a telephone consultation with our 1-1 Tuition consultant, by filling out the form above.

We provide interview tuition for: Biomedical Sciences, Chemistry, Computer Science, Economics, Engineering, English, Geography, History, HSPS and Human Sciences, Languages, Law, Linguistics, Management, Materials Science, Mathematics, Medicine, Music, Natural Sciences, Philosophy, Physics, Politics, Psychology, Theology & Veterinary Science, and subjects combining or specialising within these.