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Oxbridge Formula Insights for Schools – Teacher Guide

Submitting your students’ details

  • You’ll have received a blank template spreadsheet along with this guide. Watch our walk-through video, and then fill out the spreadsheet with your students’ names, emails, and chosen admissions test
  • Return it via this form: Form to submit student details to us
  • You may add details for up to 5 staff at the top of the spreadsheet, each of whom will get access to one test area.
  • After you have submitted the spreadsheet, we’ll email you personalised access links for each student and teacher within a week.
  • Please share these links with your students, so they can sign up to the online resources themselves.


IMPORTANT: It is imperative you use the spreadsheet that we’ve given you. Please don’t submit another similar-looking spreadsheet that you’ve created, as we won’t be able to work with that. 

IMPORTANT: Ensure that full details for all students and staff are provided, including which admissions test they want access for – this must be chosen from the dropdown list in the blank spreadsheet.

IMPORTANT: If a student wishes to get access to more than one test, you must fill out a separate row for each test area. E.g. if Johnny wants access to MAT and STEP, you need to create two rows in the spreadsheet: one for MAT and one for STEP. Please be advised that there are enough resources that having access for more than one or two tests could be very overwhelming.


Using sign-up links

To sign up, just paste your personalised access link into a web browser (Chrome works best – Internet Explorer and Edge don’t).

If you already have an account at with your school email, you will need to sign in to that account before using the access link. (See below for how to reset your password if needed.)

When you follow the access link, you’ll be taken to the sign-up page – please complete all the required details, then scroll to the bottom and click “Place Order”

You shouldn’t be asked for payment details. If you are, please repaste your personalised access link and make sure it hasn’t expired (see below for more on expiry).


Signing up additional students

You should add all students to the spreadsheet when you submit it to us.

We realise, however, that occasionally students will decide they want to make an Oxbridge application at the last minute. 

If you still have rows left in your spreadsheet and need to add additional students, here is the process:

  1. Take the last version of the spreadsheet we sent back to you (the one which already contains students’ access links)
  2. Add details for your students in the remaining rows
  3. Submit the spreadsheet back to the same form.


Switching a student from one test to another

Students should decide carefully which test area they want access to before you submit the spreadsheet.

However, again, we realise that occasionally students will change their minds about which subject to apply for and hence the admissions test they will need to take. 

If one of your students wishes to switch between tests (e.g. from MAT to STEP), please complete this form to notify us:

Please allow up to 72 working hours for us to switch a student between tests. We will only be able to allow a maximum of two changes for any one student.


Expiring access links

Please note that the access links will expire after 2 weeks, so your students and staff must sign up within this time.


Viewing the online resources

Here’s how you can view the video resources:

  • Login at
  • Scroll down to below the heading ‘My Courses’ and the sub-heading ‘Registered Courses’
  • Select any course listed there


Resetting a password

To change your password, please go to and click ‘Lost your password?’


Contacting us

To get in touch with us, please email:







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