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Oxbridge Formula Insights for Schools – Student Guide

Using sign-up links

To sign up, just paste your personalised access link into a web browser (Chrome works best – Internet Explorer and Edge don’t).

If you already have an account at with your school email, you will need to sign in to that account before using the access link. (See below for how to reset your password if needed.)

When you follow the access link, you’ll be taken to the sign-up page – please complete all the required details, then scroll to the bottom and click “Place Order”

You shouldn’t be asked for payment details. If you are, please repaste your personalised access link and make sure it hasn’t expired (see below for more on expiry).


Expiring access links

Please note that the access links will expire after 2 weeks, so your students and staff must sign up within this time.


Viewing the online resources

Here’s how you can view the video resources:

  • Login at
  • Scroll down to below the heading ‘My Courses’ and the sub-heading ‘Registered Courses’
  • Select any course listed there


Resetting a password

To change your password, please go to and click ‘Lost your password?’


Contacting us

If you have any pressing questions, please ask your teacher, who can contact us if they can’t immediately answer your question.







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