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As you read these first few lines, you will find yourself nodding in agreement…

I bet you’re the sort of person who has never found Maths challenging.

You consistently get above 90% in tests, without trying too hard, and understanding the question has never been an issue.

Well, I guess…

That was ’til I tried a STEP question for the first time.

All of a sudden, you’re plunging into the depths of despair. Ah, so THIS is what it feels like to not be able to do a Maths question.

The STEP problems are taking me forever too…

Ok, so taking your time over problem solving isn’t necessarily bad. (If you had all the time in the world).

But you realise there’s limited time until the exam, and you have to prepare for your A-levels at the same time.

You think you’ve understood a question…

I’m not sure if my solution would get me full marks? Did I miss a key step or justification?

You’re left doubting yourself. And you don’t know who to ask to get help.

And what’s more, you know you really need this exam to get into university.

This is the wrong moment to start finding Maths hard, isn’t it?

So you’re probably feeling a bit scared right now. This is undoubtedly going to be the hardest test you’ve sat yet. And there’s quite a lot resting on it.

You know that only 50% of students that sit STEP offers actually make the grade?

So, wait, half the people don’t get in?

Yes. You’ve got it… The STEP papers are DESIGNED to eliminate 50% of students. The grade boundaries are set so that only half of students make their offer.

Look, it’s no secret that the competition is fierce.

But if you’re reading this, I also know that you’re one of those people who’s willing to go above and beyond to get into the best university.

And you’re super smart. So you’re gonna get every bit of help possible to ace this.

I can picture 2 scenarios…

Scenario 1

The day of the exam.

You have practised every past paper that you could find.

You think you managed OK solutions to them…

You aren’t really any further understanding the questions, though, because you just barely managed to get by with trial and error.

Exam starts.

You open the paper. Two questions look similar to those tricky ones you’ve seen before. Nooo! You wish you got a better grip on those questions when you had the chance. No point worrying now… Full steam head.

You find a question that looks nice…

Get halfway through. What does that condition mean? Why did they include it in the question? That was something you meant to find out, but didn’t know who to ask. It’s too late to ask for help. Clock’s ticking.

Your first half an hour feels ridden with regret but you pull yourself together and keep going. Those trial and error tendencies are creeping back. You wish you knew exactly  how to tackle this type of question. The way to think about it. Just like you can with A-level questions.

The exam ends.

You’ve done your best. You hope it’s good enough. But can’t be sure. You hadn’t mastered the proper techniques in the first place. :/

Hold on a sec.

Hindsight is a great thing. Shoulda Woulda Coulda.

But thank the heavens….

You get to rewind!

Be your own hero.

Prevent this scenario before it happens.

Scenario 2.

Before the exam

You decided you needed a more concrete grip on the concepts and equipped yourself with all the best support available.

Your revision was guided by expert tutors. You got to hear explanations from someone who REALLY understood the questions and you no longer had to rely on trial and error.

Finally, someone who could explain those pesky conditions that you just didn’t get before. You got your questions marked and learnt how to avoid losing marks unnecessarily.

You learnt that there were patterns within questions. You got to clear up all your questions.

Who knew it could be so simple?

You get into the exam.

Boom. Those two questions look oh-so-familiar from those tutorial videos. You replay the videos in your mind.

You get two questions done within an hour. Easy peasy.

You move onto the next question. Ah, that condition! You asked that in the STEP Maths Livestream. Makes total sense now.

You tackle two more questions. One is harder and unfamiliar but that session on “taking clues from the questions” gave you great hints to work with.

Checking your answers at the end, that red ink from your marked work presents itself in your mind. You remember you made this mistake before and quickly correct your error.

You come out of the exam feeling confident with what you’ve achieved.

The exam wasn’t totally unfamiliar. You feel relieved and happy and can enjoy your summer knowing you’ve done the BEST you possibly could have done! Your efforts were directed in the right direction and it was totally worth it!

Are you beginning to see how the RIGHT help can make the world of difference?

You’re smart. You’re  going to make sure you get every little bit of help possible to give you the very best shot of acing this exam and getting into your dream uni.

Of course, you know that bit of help now means you’ll reap rewards for the rest of your life!

Getting into uni is one thing, but the rewards that will follow are even greater!

What does getting into your dream University mean to you?

  • Studying with the best minds in the country?
  • Being taught by the world’s best tutors and lecturers?
  • Proving that you have what it takes to survive a tough Maths degree and coming out the other side with fantastic grades?
  • The massive sense of accomplishment?
  • Making yourself infinitely more employable? And in the best paying jobs?
  • Getting that warm, fuzzy feeling on Results Day, knowing that you’ve made your family proud?
  • You know that investing in your education today will feel like mere pocket change compared to what you’re going to get in the long term.

And if you’re going to get help, why not get the best help you possibly can?

Private tutors are great but boy are they expensive, especially if that’s your only help.

Mastery of STEP is rare to find.

The best STEP tutors will keep their cards close to their chest, protecting their precious knowledge and charging you an arm and a leg for their time and expertise.

That’s where STEP Maths has flipped things on their head.

Come to us and you get professional tutors and qualified teachers with first class maths degrees from Oxford and Cambridge, GIVING AWAY their knowledge to help you succeed.

Nowhere else will you find such detail, such rigour, such detailed and thoughtful explanations. Every part of our online course has been designed with the art of learning and teaching in mind, rooted in years of teaching experience.

That means less head scratching for you.

We have helped literally hundreds of students over the last couple of years and you are no exception.

Our online course can be taken in your pyjamas, on holiday or on the bus!

All you need is a device and an Internet connection and boom, you’re all set to start the structured programme of learning that we have designed just for you.

The pace is set by you. You decide when you need to hear an explanation or when you wanna pause the tutorial to do some thinking on your own.

Missed that explanation? Just press rewind.

All questions in the course can be submitted for marking. You will quickly find out where your weakness are and can work on solving them immediately. You’ll also be able to track your progress as you go.

We have grouped our questions by topic so that you can notice trends in questions and get familiar with popular techniques.

Who knows, maybe something similar will come up on this year’s paper?

Don’t be surprised when you sail smoothly through the exam.

You can thank us later!


Any questions? Worry not! We’re throwing in Exclusive Access to our private FB Community. Masters of STEP, at your fingertips if you ever find yourself stuck on a tricky problem.

PLUS you get live, weekly, interactive group coaching sessions online. Yes, you will be able to ask questions and get a real life tutor tell you the answers.

There are other courses around with lots of useful information in them. But how thorough and in-depth are they? Do they cover the breadth of material you need to know?

The STEP Maths Online Course (17-full-day work of Material) is the longest and most thorough course for STEP preparation.

If you are serious about getting into the uni of your choice (which I know you are) then what are you waiting for?!

I just wish that something like this existed when I was preparing for STEP 10 years ago! I would have jumped at the opportunity.

Now you decide.

How badly do you want this?