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This bundle comprises the following:

1. 273 detailed solution videos for ALL STEP 1, 2, and 3 questions from 2011-17. Includes Mechanics and Statistics!
Value: £449

2. Online versions of our live courses. (The material in each course will be available after the corresponding live course has taken place.)

  • Summer STEP Course (3-day course covering STEP questions on: integer problems, proof, necessary and sufficient conditions, splitting problem into cases, inequalities) – Value: £149
    • Released August 2018
  • October STEP Course (3-day course covering STEP questions on: polynomials, graph sketching, advanced differentiation and advanced trigonometry) – Value: £149
    • Released November 2018
  • February STEP Course (3-day course covering STEP questions on: common integrals, integration problems, differential equations and vector problems) – Value: £149
    • Released February 2019
  • Easter STEP 3 Course (3-day course covering STEP questions on: complex numbers, Argand diagrams, hyperbolic functions, advanced integration techniques and polar coordinates) – Value: £149
    • Released April 2019
  • Exclusive online-only STEP 1 Course (STEP questions on: sequences and series, approximations of integrals, graph sketching, logarithms) – Value: £149
    • Released June 2018
  • Exclusive online-only STEP 3 Course (STEP questions on: summation and sequences, factorial/binomial identities, inverse trig, parametric equations, vectors and trigonometry in 3D geometry) – Value: £169
    • Released April 2019
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