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The Oxbridge Formula presents our:

‘Oxford MAT’ Preparation Courses 2021

MAT. The Mathematics Admissions Test.

A deceptively tricky Maths exam, where speed, accuracy and practised insight are key.

For Maths or CompSci at Oxford or Imperial.

It’s never short of surprises. So after covering all of the MAT material you can get your hands on, exposure to ANY other hard Maths problems will enhance your preparation. This includes STEP, Maths Challenges and the BMO.

Our FREE  Imperial MAT & Oxford MAT Guidebook answers questions such as:

  • What is the Oxford MAT Paper? (Mathematics Admissions Test)
  • Which universities ask for the MAT exam? (Maths Admissions Test)
  • What format does the Oxford MAT take? (Maths Admissions Test)
  • How difficult is the MAT (Maths Admissions Test)?
  • When should I start preparing for the MAT (Maths Admissions Test)?
  • How are the MAT (Maths Admissions Test) papers marked?
  • How are the MAT (Mathematics Admissions Test) results used?

What does The Oxbridge Formula provide to help you with MAT – Mathematics Admissions Test?

Timeline of Imperial & Oxford MAT Paper Preparation Courses offered throughout the year

The Oxbridge Formula has the most comprehensive set of Oxford MAT Courses on offer to give you the most support on this journey to sitting the hardest Maths exams you’ll have sat to date! Each course builds on the previous.

What makes our MAT Courses special?

In contrast to other courses out there, our MAT Summer School gives you three straight days of intensive Maths preparation. Rather than relying on past MAT papers alone, we have scoured a wealth of resources for relevant questions so that you can prepare adequately and still have the ability to take full past papers as mocks.

This 3-day summer school is just one of four MAT preparation courses that we run across the year. On top of which, you will find a comprehensive resource in our online subscription area which contains video solutions to anything you can think of regarding MAT!

Imperial / Oxford MAT Course FAQ

Have we updated our MAT courses to the new MAT syllabus?

Yes, we have.

The MAT syllabus has been updated for 2018 onwards. See more information at this link.

In our Extended October MAT Course, we will devote some time to practising topics that have been added in the new syllabus. These topics include differentiation from first principles and the graphs of log functions with arbitrary bases.

Are our MAT courses suitable for Computer Science applicants to Oxford?

Yes, most definitely.

Given that Computer Science applicants have to answer some Maths questions in the MAT (Q1-5) as well as Logic & Algorithm Questions (Q6 & 7), we have designed our MAT course in such a way that Computer Science applicants have some special sessions within the course, which focus on Q6 & 7.

The remainder of the course covers common Maths material; Computer Science applicants are expected to be very fluent with Mathematics, which will be tested not only in the MAT, but at interview too.

Currently Bookable MAT Courses

For Students Taking the Imperial / Oxford MAT Paper




500+ exclusive online video solutions

4-day intensive Maths admissions summer school

4 days of intensive MAT group coaching in October

1-day group Maths & Computer Science interview course

MASTERMIND ​BONUS: Weekly Maths and Physics Live Problem Solving Sessions with our expert tutors

A suggested week-by-week study programme to keep you on track

Total hours: 189


PLUS: 20 hours of 1-1 Maths interview tuition

AND: 3x 1-1 Maths mock interviews

Total hours: 211


PLUS: 40 hours of 1-1 Maths interview tuition

AND: 6x 1-1 Maths mock interviews

Total hours: 233

MAT Course Testimonials

Want to be ultra-prepared for your interview?

We’ve added Spectator Seats for our interview preparation days for Maths, Computer Science, and related subjects this November!

Oxford MAT Course – Online Subscription Area

A huge, comprehensive bank of online resources created by expert tutors to get you fully prepared to take the Mathematics Admissions Test (MAT).

Example Video

Testimonials for Online Subscriptions

Free Trial

- Free 24-hour trial so you can check that the explanations and materials resonate with you, before you get access to the full resource library

Comprehensive Resource

- The most comprehensive bank of MAT resources available for your preparation

Topic Tutorials

- Watch Tutorials on key subject areas such as Graph Sketching for MAT


Extra Questions

- Get access to extra, original MAT-style questions arranged by topic, to gain mastery of commonly occuring techniques

Full Video Solutions

- Get Full Video solutions to every single past paper question, including the CompSci questions.

Carefully crafted explanations

- All solutions planned to simplify the most complicated and intricate parts, so you REALLY understand each question


- Work at your own pace; skip questions you find easy and rewatch those that you're finding harder to understand

Early Bird Discounts

-Get access for as long as you want, and start as early as you want - our early bird pricing rewards students who start preparing early, maximising their chances of success

Oxford MAT Live Courses

We hold a 4-day Maths Admissions Summer School in July, including substantial MAT content and other questions suitable for preparation for the long format Maths Admissions Test questions.

In October, we hold a 4-day course on the long questions in the MAT.

We also have plenty of resources including past paper MAT Video Solutions since 2007 in our MAT online subscription area.

Happy students! Testimonials:

Read what our students have said about our Imperial / Oxford MAT preparation courses and resources

We always started each question or topic by addressing the basic things we needed to know. This really helped my understanding and I learnt a lot of new things that I had not previously known.

Kauser M

The STEP questions in the MAT Extended course made the MAT seem less frightening and I learnt some new methods that are more advanced (e.g. Trig addition formulas etc.) that may help to make mat questions easier.

April W

I found going through the functions questions very useful as I had not seen anything similar before. The teaching style works well because there is a lot of interaction between the staff and pupils.

Emma B

Great teaching, good variety of questions. Very helpful teachers and assistants.
Josh M

Some of the schools our students have come from:

King Edward VI Grammar School

James Allen's Girls School

Haberdashers Aske's Girls' School

Godolphin and Latymer

Birkenhead School

Queen Elizabeth's School (QE Boys)

QEH Bristol

Parmiter's School

Northwood College

Mill Hill County High School

King Edward's School

The Holt School

Taunton School

St. Paul's Girls' School

St. Mary's Ascot

St. Helen's Northwood

St. Bartholomew's School

Withington Girls' School

Varndean College

Uxbridge College

Uppingham School

Tiffin Boys' School

Live Courses in London/on Zoom*

Our intensive Preparation Courses provide exposure to and explanations of tricks to solve MAT/STEP questions

*Some of these are available as part of our Platinum MAT Bundle

MAT Past Paper Solution Videos*

Every single question of every past paper has been carefully broken down and explained in video format

*part of Online MAT Subsciption

Extra MAT-style questions by topic*

We've designed a series of questions by topic to get your head around common techniques

*part of MAT Online Subscription

Lots of Extra Maths Multiple-Choice Q*

Here at The Oxbridge Formula, we have created hundreds of original questions with video solutions for extra practice

*part of MAT Online Subscription

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