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MAT – CTMUA – CSAT for Oxbridge Maths & CompSci applicants – Free Webinar

Wednesday 9th June 2021, 7pm. Live on Zoom.

The Oxbridge Formula MAT CTMUA Webinar

In this webinar, The Oxbridge Formula Team will be joined by our lead CTMUA and MAT tutor, together with a number of current Oxbridge students ready to share their own experiences of applying to and studying at Oxford and Cambridge.

You’re probably already familiar with what the MAT, CTMUA and CSAT are, so that isn’t what we’re going to be focusing on.
Our primary focus will be to :
  • teach you how to articulate abstract concepts to be able to tackle questions much more quickly
  • show you how to rewrite unreadable expressions make problem solving easier
  • give you concrete time-saving tricks for getting fast and fluent at problems
  • show you what a written answer looks like for an awkward “explain” or “justify” question, in order to gain full marks
  • explain our problem-planning methodology so you know what to write down before you even start the question
  • speak to current students studying Maths and Computer Science and pick their brains about the degree course and their own preparation.

We’ll also briefly talk about our 7-month Oxbridge Mastermind. (But don’t worry, that’s only a small part of the whole presentation!)