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Free MAT-CTMUA-CSAT Webinar for Oxbridge Maths & CompSci Applicants: Replay


Recorded June 2021. Please complete the form below to get the replay.

If you’re thinking of applying to Computer Science at Cambridge or Maths, Computer Science, or a joint degree at Oxford, you’ll need to sit the CTMUA, CSAT, or the MAT – but what’s the difference?

In this webinar, The Oxbridge Formula Team will be joined by our lead CTMUA and MAT tutor, together with a number of current Oxbridge students ready to share their own experiences of applying to and studying at Oxford and Cambridge.

We’ll be diving into what it takes to succeed in a variety of types of CTMUA and MAT questions, using our proprietary P.R.O.F methodology to break them down.

We’ll also briefly talk about our 7-month Oxbridge Mastermind. (But don’t worry, that’s only a small part of the whole presentation!)

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