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Mastermind Mini-Assessment B

  • Thank you so much for signing up to the Oxbridge Mastermind consultation.

    So that we can advise you accurately during the call, we are asking you to complete this short assessment prior to your consultation.

    Try your best and don't worry about the assessment as we will just use it to identify areas that we can work on together in order to improve your application.

    If you don't know how to answer a question, feel free to use the "I don't know" option. It is better not to guess for this assessment.

    This is a timed assessment and you will be timed from when you press "start assessment" to when you press "Submit" at the end. This will allow us to see how quickly you were able to answer the questions (but remember, accuracy is equally as important).

    You will need to set aside some time and only click "start assessment" when you are ready, so that you can do all the questions in one go.

    We'll look over your assessment results before our consultation.

    Please do your working on paper and keep it to bring to the consultation, in case we need to refer to it.

    This is a non-calculator assessment.