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UniPrepCo Summer Internship Programme 2017

UniPrepCo provides courses, training and online resources for students who have to take admissions tests as part of their application to university. We prepare students for the STEP, MAT, ENGAA, NSAA, PAT, CSAT, BMAT, UKCAT, and TSA exams, as well as offering interview preparation and other learning resources.

Over the past three years, UniPrepCo has run a number of highly successful training programmes for students who are applying to Oxbridge and Russell Group Universities to study Maths-, Science-, and Critical-Thinking-based subjects. With students from Scotland, to Switzerland, to Thailand, UniPrepCo is on the cusp of becoming a global leader in providing affordable resources for admission to UK universities.

This is a very exciting time to be joining our rapidly growing organisation!

Content Intern Required: STEP, MAT, PAT, ENGAA, NSAA, TSA, BMAT, UKCAT

This is NOT your standard internship!

As a content intern, you will be instrumental in creating UniPrepCo’s online resources. Using all the knowledge and expertise gained when taking the STEP, MAT, PAT, LNAT, BMAT, UKCAT, TSA or similar tests yourself, you will show current applicants how to maximise their marks and understanding of what the examiner is truly testing in each question.


What you’ll be doing:

– thinking critically about how best to present complex ideas in a simple manner

– creating video tutorials (think Khan Academy) for your subject or exam of choice

– creating interactive online activities to support student learning

– writing your own questions and tutorials to help future applicants

– collaborating with the CEO and your mentor to define learning objectives, design and write materials

– using your expertise of these exams and university life to write helpful blog posts or emails to future students

You’ll work closely with the CEO and an assigned mentor, helping to create resources that will help HUNDREDS of students in the future, and you will get to work on projects that match your interests!

  • Location: London, UK
  • 12th July – 11th August
  • Paid Opportunity


Applicant Profile

If you have taken: STEP, MAT, PAT, ENGAA, NSAA, LNAT, BMAT, UKCAT or TSA, you will be a great fit for this role!

You’re an ideal candidate if you:

– are able to explain tricky ideas clearly and confidently

– are highly passionate about your subject

– have some experience with teaching and are thoughtful about how you teach

– have an excellent technical knowledge of the content one of at least the above tests

– have a keen attention to detail

– are able to present in an engaging manner

– are confident with the use of technology (including a good knowledge of PowerPoint)