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“I’m so glad I came across these videos. They are so much easier to understand than reading answers out of a book, and they go into the techniques for answering each type of question in depth.

Even though I was nervous in the exam, I knew I could come back to what I’d learnt from the videos because the tricks has been so well ingrained in my mind!”

Oxford Student (STEPMaths Alumnus)

Unique Methods Exaplained

We show you the most efficient routes to tackle Admissions Test questions

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At STEP Maths we have come up with a logical and unique method for literally THOUSANDS (yes, we really have thousands) of admissions test questions.

Our free videos give you an idea of how to approach a wide range of questions for the admissions tests you’ll be sitting, as well as extremely clear, detailed explanations So sign up now to get access immediately! No credit card required.

What I really loved about these videos is the fact that they gave reasons for why different options were eliminated. This has helped me to understand the art of Critical Thinking much better!

Cambridge Student (STEP Maths Alumna)