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Download FREE Guidebook and Sample Materials for the TSA Oxford Thinking Skills Assessment

Oxford University, Cambridge University, and University College London introduced the TSA (Thinking Skills Assessment) as a Pre-Interview 120 minute exam. (Section 1 – Thinking Skills – 90 minutes; Section 2 – Essay – 30 minutes)

For Philosophy Politics and Economics, Economics and Management, Linguistics, Human Sciences and many more courses at Oxford, Cambridge and UCL the Thinking Skills Assessment is a key component of the application process. Success in taking the Oxford Thinking Skills Assessmnent will result in you being called to interview.

The ability to think logically and intuitively when faced with a problem and the ability to analyse a given argument are essential to many university courses. The TSA is used by the university tutors to judge whether or not you are capable and have the skill and aptitude to succeed in the course you want to apply for.

You will be tested on your Critical Thinking and Problem Solving skills heavily as well as your ability to write and present information clearly and succinctly.

This is a brand new test unlike anything you would have done before. Download our FREE Guidebook and Sample Materials to help focus your revision!



Download the FREE Oxford Thinking Skills Assessment Guidebook and Sample materials to find out :

  • What is the TSA (Thinking Skills Assessment)?
  • Why do universities ask for the TSA (Thinking Skills Assessment)?
  • How difficult is the TSA (Thinking Skills Assessment)?
  • What is the format of the TSA (Thinking Skills Assessment) and what are the exam conditions?
  • How should I start preparing for the TSA (Thinking Skils Assessment)?
  • What is the structure of the TSA (Thinking Skils Assessment)?
  • How important is my TSA (Thinking Skils Assessment) score in the admissions process?
  • When should I start revising for the TSA (Thinking Skils Assessment)?

…and much more!