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Download FREE Guidebook and Sample Materials  for the ECAA Economics Admissions Assessment

Cambridge University introduced the ECAA (Economics Admissions Assessment) as a Pre-Interview 120 minute exam. (Section 1 – Problem Solving and Mathematics – 80 minutes; Section 2 – Essay – 40 minutes)

The ECAA is the Economics Admissions Assessment for Cambridge University. It is a Pre-Interview Assessment for students applying to study Economics.

Cambridge University has introduced new pre-interview assessment tests, needed for 2018 entry onwards. The tests take place at the beginning of November (register via the Admissions Testing Service). They play an integral role in the decision to offer students an interview and in turn, a place to study.

The ability to think logically and intuitively when faced with a problem and to analyse a given argument are Cambridge essentials. The ECAA is used by the university tutors to judge whether or not you are capable and have the skill and aptitude to succeed in the demanding Economics  Undergraduate course.

As an exam that has only existed for one year, there are only a small number of resources available! Here, you can download our FREE ECAA Guidebook and Sample Materials to help focus your revision.


As a new test, there is little information available, so download the ECAA Guidebook & Sample Materials to find out:

  • What is ECAA (Economics Admissions Assessment)?
  • Why does Cambridge ask for ECAA (Economics Admissions Assessment)?
  • How difficult is the ECAA (Economics Admissions Assessment)?
  • What is the format of the ECAA (Economics Admissions Assessment) and what are the exam conditions?
  • How should I start preparing for ECAA (Economics Admissions Assessment)?
  • Do I need to know subject specific content to sit the ECAA (Economics Admissions Assessment)?
  • How important is my ECAA (Economics Admissions Assessment) score?
  • How is the ECAA (Economics Admissions Assessment) structured?