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Download a FREE copy of Stephen Siklos’ Advanced Problems in Mathematics and Core Mathematics

The STEP Exams (STEP I, II and III) are coordinated by Stephen Siklos of Jesus College, Cambridge University. He has written two bookets entitled: a) Advanced Problems in Mathematics b) Advanced Problems in Core Mathematics, which explore STEP Questions, give hints, solutions and ‘post-mortems’ to help you with your STEP Revision and STEP Preparation.


Download FREE: Stephen Siklos’ Advanced Problems in (Core) Mathematics:

This booklet is intended to help students prepare for admissions tests in mathematics and scientific subjects, including STEP (Sixth Term Examination Papers). The STEP examinations are used by Colleges in Cambridge and often form the requirements in conditional offers in mathematics and other mathematics-related subjects. They are also used by Warwick, Bath, UCL, Bristol, Loughborough, and many other mathematics departments to ensure that students become accustomed to university-style mathematics.


Advanced Problems in Mathematics is recommended as a preparation resource for ANY undergraduate mathematics course, even for students who do not plan to take the Sixth Term Examination Paper. The questions analysed in this book are all based on recent STEP questions. Every question is followed by a discussion and a detailed solution. The discussions direct students’ attention to salient points and place the question in its true context, mathematically. The answers show students the methodology needed to solve advanced mathematical problems on their own.


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