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Download FREE Guidebook and Sample Materials for the CSAT Computer Science Admissions Test 

For Computer Science and Joint Courses at Cambridge University, you will be required to sit the CSAT (Computer Science Admissions Test). The CSAT is a Maths Test, that you will sit at interview. It may form the basis of a discussion at your interview

The CSAT is an at-Interview 100 minute written Maths Test. (Section A- answer 5 out of 8 questions; Section B – answer 5 out of 12 questions (harder and worth more marks))

As a new test, there is little information available, so download the guidebook & sample materials to find out:

  • What is CSAT (Computer Science Admissions Test)?
  • Which Cambridge courses require CSAT (Computer Science Admissions Test)?
  • Why does Cambridge ask for CSAT (Computer Science Admissions Test)?
  • How difficult is the CSAT (Computer Science Admissions Test)?
  • What is the format of the CSAT (Computer Science Admissions Test) papers and what are the exam conditions?
  • How should I start preparing for CSAT (Computer Science Admissions Test)?