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STEP Maths Presents our:

‘Cambridge ENGAA’ Preparation Courses

This is an archived page for our 2017 courses.
For our 2019 courses, please click here.

The Engineering Admissions Assessment.

A new, quick-fire, time pressured multiple choice exam, relying on speedy recall and precise application of Maths and Physics concepts.

Any time-saving shortcuts you can learn will be a godsend.

For Cambridge Engineering and Chemical Engineering

Download FREE Sample Materials and specification for the ENGAA Engineering Exam

Cambridge University introduced the ENGAA (Engineering Admissions Assessment) as a Pre-Interview Multiple Choice Test, to be taken in November. (Section A – 80mins – 54 Questions; Section B – 40mins)

As a new test, there is little information available, so download the specification & sample materials to find out:

  • What is ENGAA (Engineering Admissions Assessment)?
  • Which Cambridge courses require ENGAA (Engineering Admissions Assessment)?
  • Why does Cambridge ask for ENGAA (Engineering Admissions Assessment)?
  • How difficult are the ENGAA (Engineering Admissions Assessment) papers?
  • What is the format of the ENGAA (Engineering Admissions Assessment) papers and what are the exam conditions?
  • How should I start preparing for ENGAA (Engineering Admissions Assessment)?
ENGAA Online Membership Area

A large bank of original online questions created by expert tutors to emulate the style and difficulty of the ENGAA. Plus lots of explained videos from the MAT and PAT too.
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Free Trial

– Free 24-hour trial so you can check that the explanations, materials and questions resonate with you and feel helpful

Comprehensive Resource

– Our tutors have put in a lot of effort to ensure that we cover as many styles of question and topics from the syllabus as possible.

Topic Tutorials

– Watch video tutorials to ensure you’re fully happy with the topics that frequently occur in the ENGAA

Original Mock Papers

– We’re worked tirelessly to produce a large bank of practice questions including several challenging mocks for you to try in timed conditions

Full Video Solutions

– Each of our original questions comes accompanied by a full, explained video solution, showing you any shortcuts that you can reapply

Carefully crafted explanations

– All solutions planned to simplify the most complicated and intricate parts, so you REALLY understand each question


– Work at your own pace; skip questions you find easy and rewatch those that you’re finding harder to understand

Early Bird Discounts

-Get access for as long as you want, and start as early as you want – our early bird pricing rewards students who start preparing early, maximising their changes of success
ENGAA In-Person courses

This October, we will be holding a Physics Problem Solving Course and a Time Saving Tricks for ENGAA Course. In November, we will be holding a Physics Interview Preparation Day.

Currently Bookable Courses if you’re sitting ENGAA

This is an archived page for our 2017 courses. For our 2019 courses, please click here.

Physics Problem Solving Course for ENGAA

Sun 22nd October 2017

Marylebone, London*
10am – 4:00pm

Pricing: £149 before 5th October. £169 thereafter.

You will learn to:

  • Effortlessly manipulate and apply unfamiliar formulae
  • Draw together knowledge from the whole of the syllabus and apply it to very challenging problems
  • Employ geometry and graph sketching in Physics
  • Rehearse explaining your assumptions and evaluating your results
  • Dive deeper into the background and significance of familiar material

Please note, this course assumes knowledge of everything covered in our Physics Summer Course. If you did not attend, we recommend working through the online course before attending.

Further Information

University applicants for Physics or Engineering are expected to have outstanding problem-solving skills.

In particular, if you are taking the PAT or ENGAA entrance exams (or the Physics section of the NSAA), you will be directly tested on your ability to understand problems, pick out all important information, choose a method of evaluation or analysis, and determine an answer, all without direction as to what route to take.

Our Physics Problem-Solving Course will take you through a series of carefully crafted questions to help you build up the skills you already have and develop new ones. Among the topics we will cover are radioactivity, capacitors, circular motion, intensity, optics, and scaling laws.

You will be able to practise evaluating questions similar in topic and intent to PAT and ENGAA in the form of a collaborative group problem-solving session.

In this way, you will be able to absorb ideas from others and practise succinctly presenting your own ideas, but you will also have continual support from our tutors to guide you and expand on your own thinking where necessary.

Multibuy Discounts Available. See below.

Maths and Physics Time-Saving  Tricks for ENGAA

Mon 23rd October 2017

Marylebone, London*
10am – 4:00pm

Pricing: £149 before 5th October. £169 thereafter.

You will learn to:

  • Breeze through calculations by spotting factors, approximations, and hidden Pythagorean triples & special triangles
  • Quickly apply the geometry of circles and triangles to forces, optics, and other questions
  • Master all the rules of logs and indices for use in simplifying or comparing sizes of terms
  • Rapidly analyse functions for their roots, stationary values, and limiting behaviour
  • Sidestep long passages of working using proportionality and dimensional analysis
Further Information

If you are taking the PAT, ENGAA, or NSAA this autumn, you will be tested on a number of skills you are unlikely to practice much at school.

In particular, you will have to work without a calculator, you will have to quickly analyse and eliminate options in multiple choice questions, and you will have to decide (with no guidance from the question) which rule or formula to use for the quickest result.

Our Time-Saving-Tricks course will lead you through a series of short questions to practise these skills and others in a structured way.

Our focus will be on simplification, avoid mistakes, and spotting the most efficient technique to apply in each question.

You will have the chance to attempt problems yourself, discuss them with others, and see a solution or solutions presented by an expert tutor so that you can see and absorb every useful strategy and be able to apply it come the exam.

Multibuy Discounts Available. See below.

Physics Interview Preparation Course

Sun 26th November 2017

Marylebone, London*
10am – 5:00pm

Pricing: £199 before 5th October. £259 thereafter.

  • Get a 30 min Mock Physics Interview, receiving questions you might find in a Cambridge Natural Sciences Interview, Oxford Physics Interview or Oxbridge Engineering Interview.
  • You will get 1 interview, but be privy to the interviews of your fellow students, getting many times the benefit!
  • Get access to a whole host of questions, many of which will be new to you and will expand your thinking
  • Become accustomed to a high pressure interview environment, making the real interview that much easier
  • Get feedback and encouragement so that you can perform at your best in the real thing!

Strictly Limited Spaces.

Please note, the Physics Interview Day is non-refundable.

Further Information

We will begin the day with an interview skills session, through which you will have the opportunity to get your personal statement scrutinised and the chance to practise answering questions about it. In addition you will gain confidence with Oxbridge Physics Interview Questions and Answers, learning how to frame your responses and present yourself to demonstrate you potential and passion for Physics or Engineering.

You will then get a 30 min dedicated Physics interview, under pressure. But instead of receiving just one practice interview, you will get the opportunity to sit in on and observe every other student being interviewed to and get 10x the benefit, as each student will receive completely different questions to you.

As most Physics questions cannot simply be answered verbally, we will provide writing equipment. Most beneficially for our students, our setup is such that all students will be able to see what the interviewee is writing (as well as what is being said) without the interviewee feeling unecessarily intimidated.

You will be able to analyse how you would have answered and compare it to how others answer. While the interviews are taking place, you’ll be able to attempt the questions yourself too, and you will be given access to a whole host of new, unique interview questions. As you’ll all have shared the same experience, you’ll be able to discuss questions together afterwards too.

You’ll also benefit from getting personalised feedback that you can act upon before the real thing.

Multibuy Discounts Available. See below.

Take advantage of our Multibuy Discounts

ENGAA Bundle

(Physics Problem Solving Course + Time Saving Tricks for ENGAA)

£229 before October 5th

£299 thereafter

ENGAA Bundle + Interview

( Physics Problem Solving + Tricks for ENGAA + Physics Interview)

£429 before October 5th

£529 thereafter

Happy students! Testimonials:

Read what our students have said about our MAT preparation courses and resources

I found that the course was a really succinct way to prepare yourself for the level of understanding required in order to complete an application test. I found all the topics useful and supplemented my A level learning without extending it to much, creating a perfect teaching environment.

Jamie T

I found that the tutors were very approachable and good at explaining things clearly. There were also quite a few tutors which meant you could get a lot of one to one attention. I also liked how we were encouraged to discuss the problem among ourselves and following, the tutor would go through it and so we would learn in two different ways.

Tinwai C

All of the tutors were very helpful and were willing to assist you if you were stuck.

The material covered was very broad and I particularly liked having the booklet to work through and jot down answers and notes.

Overall I am very happy that I went on the course and would encourage others to do so.

Thomas B

Dynamics and waves was very useful and lots of topics were covered in detail. I found the whiteboard work to be very useful and the student teacher ratio was very good.

Anya M

Just some of the schools our students have come from:

King Edward VI Grammar School

James Allen's Girls School

Haberdashers Aske's Girls' School

Godolphin and Latymer

Birkenhead School

Queen Elizabeth's School (QE Boys)

QEH Bristol

Parmiter's School

Northwood College

Mill Hill County High School

King Edward's School

The Holt School

Taunton School

St. Paul's Girls' School

St. Mary's Ascot

St. Helen's Northwood

St. Bartholomew's School

North London Collegiate School

Withington Girls' School

Varndean College

Uxbridge College

Uppingham School

Tiffin Boys' School

In-Person Courses in London*

Our intensive Preparation Courses cement key Maths & Physics theory needed for the ENGAA.

*Special Discounts may be available for ENGAA Members

Original ENGAA Mock & Questions*

A very large bank of extra questions, carefully broken down and explained in video format

*part of Online ENGAA Membership Area

Relevant MAT & PAT Solutions*

We’ve designed a series of questions by topic to get your head around common techniques

*part of Online ENGAA Membership Area

Timed Mock Exam Paper*

A full, timed and marked mock paper in exam conditions, accompanied by full video solutions

*Special Discounts may be available for ENGAA Members

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