Year 12 Oxbridge Programmes / New Year 13 Interview Programmes
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Recorded March 2022. Please complete the form below to get the replay.

Are you thinking of applying for Economics at Cambridge or Economics & Management at Oxford?

In the last five years alone, the Oxbridge application process for Economics courses has changed at least four times. How many times, I hear you ask? At least four! And those are just the most obvious changes.

In this webinar, we’re going to be exploring why the admissions processes (admissions tests and interviews) have changed so significantly over the last few years, as well as:

  • Comparing Economics at Cambridge with Economics and Management at Oxford – there are several factors which will affect which one you choose to apply to in the end, and we’ll be exploring all of these.
  • How competitive are these courses, really, at Oxbridge? You may or may not be aware that Economics and Management is the #1 most competitive degree across the whole of Oxford and Cambridge, but how does Economics at Cambridge compare?
  • The admissions tests for these subjects are the TMUA and the TSA – we’ll be going into detail about what makes these tests so tricky and looking at how you can optimise your preparation to get the highest scores possible. The admissions test scores are incredibly important for getting a space!

We’ll be joined by current Oxbridge Economics students and we’ll have a substantial Q&A session at the end where you can get all your questions answered to make sure that you are as ready for the upcoming application process as you possibly can be.

During the webinar, we’ll briefly discuss how we at The Oxbridge Formula provide a detailed and comprehensive programme to help you with all parts of the application process.

We look forward to seeing you there!