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Economics Admissions Assessment past papers for Cambridge Economics applicants. These ECAA past papers contain both multiple choice questions (ECAA Section 1) and essay questions (ECAA Section 2). Please note that the ECAA specification changed in 2020, so older papers will have a different format from the current one.

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The ECAA Past Papers

Please do use these papers for your own practice. It’s a great idea to save some to do as timed ECAA mocks. Each paper contains both Section 1 (Maths, or Maths and Problem Solving*) and Section 2 (an Economics essay based on a prompt). The official ECAA answers are below, but don’t peek until you’ve had a good go at the questions yourself!

*NB: From 2020, the ECAA no longer contains Problem Solving questions.

ECAA Past Paper Solutions

The ECAA Section 1 answers are below. (Want ECAA essay plans and full Section 1 solutions in video form instead? Check out our online ECAA courses!)

ECAA Past Papers and ECAA Courses

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