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STEPMaths Presents our:
Cambridge STEP Maths Preparation Courses 2019
The Sixth Term Examination Papers.

A paper of very challenging, in-depth and unstructured Maths problems, testing the application of A-level Mathematics and Further Mathematics, in undergraduate style.

You’ll have to change the way you approach Maths problems; STEP REALLY tests your understanding.

For Maths at Cambridge, Warwick, Imperial, UCL, Bath, Loughborough…and others!

Download our FREE STEP/MAT/AEA Guidebook, which answers questions such as:

  • What is STEP Maths?
  • Which university courses require STEP Maths?
  • Why do universities ask for STEP Maths and AEA Maths papers
  • How difficult are the STEP Maths papers?
  • What is the format of the STEP Maths papers?
  • How has the format changed for the 2019 STEP papers?
  • What is in the 2019 STEP specification?
  • What are the 2019 STEP syllabus changes?
  • When should I start preparing for STEP Maths?
  • What are the STEP Maths exam conditions?
  • How are the STEP Maths papers marked?
  • How are the STEP results used?
  • What is the AEA paper?
  • How are grades awarded in the AEA paper?
  • What is the Oxford MAT Paper?
  • Which universities ask for MAT exam?
  • What format does the Oxford MAT exam take?


University Maths Revision STEP Revision Course

Online STEP Courses:

What STEP support does STEPMaths provide to help you?

Timeline of STEP Maths Preparation Courses offered throughout the year

STEPMaths has the most comprehensive set of STEP Tuition Courses on offer to give you the most STEP support on this journey to sitting the hardest Maths exams you’ll have sat to date! Each course builds on the previous.

  • February STEP Course (STEP 1/2/3)

    February STEP Course (STEP 1/2/3)

    Now that you have your STEP offer, this course will leap into the realms of advanced integration, differential equations and vector geometry. Integration and Differential equations are two very frequently occurring topics, often found multiple times within the same paper, so having a good grip on them will hold you..Read More

  • Easter STEP 3 Course (STEP 3)

    Easter STEP 3 Course (STEP 3)

    If your offer contains a STEP 3 elements (or even if it doesn’t, since STEP 3 is probably the best preparation you could get for a Maths degree), our STEP 3 course builds upon all of our previous courses, but now adds on Further Maths material. We will explore STEP..Read More

  • STEP Summer School (STEP 1/2/3)

    STEP Summer School  (STEP 1/2/3)

    If you’re planning to sit any STEP Paper next year, early preparation is absolutely vital. This course introduces you to a new way of thinking. We explore necessary and sufficient conditions, if and only if statements, proof by contradiction, counter example and exhaustion. You will also learn to approach problems..Read More

  • October STEP Course (STEP 1/2/3)

    October STEP Course  (STEP 1/2/3)

    A ‘STEP’ up from the Maths Summer School, this course explores STEP questions on Graph Sketching, Single and Multi-Variable Polynomials, Advanced Trigonometry and Differentiation. A must for students sitting STEP. Topics chosen carefully to also boost Maths Interview Preparation and supplement MAT Preparation.

  • Maths/CS Interview Preparation Course

    Maths/CS Interview Preparation Course

What makes our STEP Courses special?

Unlike other courses you might find, we don’t waste time showing you the ins and outs of what studying Maths at university is like. We start on the understanding that you are already keen to study Maths and instead focus our STEP support on the best way to prepare, which is by practising a great breadth of suitably difficult Maths questions.

Our courses therefore provide a unique opportunity to familiarise yourself with the style, depth, and intricacies of STEP questions, giving you a head start over your competition.

Currently Bookable STEP Tuition Courses for Students Taking STEP in 2020

 – Get Early Bird Discount Before 3rd October

After our sell-out summer STEP Support Courses, STEPMaths present our October offering:

Currently Bookable STEP Support Courses for Students Taking STEP in 2019

STEP Tuition Courses for Students Taking STEP 1/2

 – Get Early Bird Discount Before 30th Jan

STEP Tuition Courses for Students Taking STEP 2/3

 – Get Early Bird Discount Before 21st March

Want to be ultra-prepared for your interview?

We’ve added Spectator Seats for our interview preparation days for Maths, Computer Science, and related subjects this November!

STEP Online Subscription Area
Hundreds of full STEP questions, explained concisely in video format to help you understand the solutions, as well as WHY particular methods were chosen. Your ever-available Online STEP Tutor.

Testimonial for STEP Online Subscription

Online STEP Subscription Features

Free Trial

– Free 24-hour trial so you can check that the explanations, materials and questions resonate with you and feel helpful

Comprehensive STEP Support

– STEP I, II and III solutions from the last 6 years (the hardest STEP Papers)

Trick Tutorials

– Become familiar with common techniques to help you simplify STEP problems

Topic Based Course Video Solutions

– You’ll get post-course access to online tutorials of STEP questions grouped by topic, mirroring our in-person courses (Platinum Bundle only)

Better than an Online STEP Tutor

– Created by Cambridge Maths tutors, our videos are designed to replace the need for a personal online STEP tutor. You can access the solutions whenever and wherever you want. Pause, rewind, rewatch, speed up to your heart’s content.

Extra In-depth Questions Arranged by Topic

– We have looked through hundreds of STEP Papers and picked the most relevant questions, so you can put into practice the techniques learnt in each course

Carefully crafted explanations

– All solutions planned to simplify the most complicated and intricate parts, so you REALLY understand each question.


– Work at your own pace in 1x or 1.5x speed; skip questions you find easy and rewatch those that you’re finding harder to understand

Early Bird Discounts

-Get access for as long as you want, and start as early as you want – our early bird pricing rewards students who start preparing early, maximising their chances of success

Early Bird Option Pricing for Online STEP Subscription:

Subscribe now for £50/month each month (inc. 24hr FREE TRIAL!)

Rises to £55/month if you subscribe from 1st February 2020

Platinum STEP Online Bundle

Includes everything from online subscription plus online versions of all of our in-person STEP Courses (inc. 24hr FREE TRIAL!)

Total value £1363

Yours today from only £429

Best Value!!

Platinum STEP Online Bundle for 2021

Includes everything from online subscription plus online versions of all of our in-person STEP Courses (inc. 24hr FREE TRIAL!)

Total value £1363

Yours today from only £429

Best Value!!

Platinum STEP Online Bundle for 2020

Includes everything from online subscription plus online versions of all of our in-person STEP Courses (inc. 24hr FREE TRIAL!)

Extended duration (15 months) so you can start preparing for next year’s STEP now and never have your access run out before the exams.

Total value £1588

Yours today from only £449

Best Value if taking STEP next year!!

STEP In-Person Courses

In addition to our online STEP support (replacing the need for an online STEP tutor) we hold a number of three-day in-person STEP Tuition Courses across the year.

See above for more details about these courses!

Happy students! Testimonials:
Read what our students have said about our STEP preparation courses and resources
I thoroughly enjoyed the course and would recommend it to others sitting STEP. The structure was very good and the support was really helpful. It was intensive which allowed me to immerse myself in the Maths we are doing. I have taken away some really important skills and ideas from the course that I can put into my own STEP practice such as the clever tricks and things to look out for. Also, meeting and working with other Mathematicians doing STEP is a really great experience and the STEP tutors encourage us to collaborate and speak to the people around us. Anusha A

The partner discussions and mini whiteboard sessions were fun and interesting as I engaged in other people’s methods for solving problems. The preparatory questions were cool too, I learnt many neat tricks from these and discovered how useful they could be, come the STEP Maths Exams. Tobias E

Just some of the schools our students have come from:

King Edward VI Grammar School

James Allen's Girls School

Haberdashers Aske's Girls' School

Godolphin and Latymer

Birkenhead School

Queen Elizabeth's School (QE Boys)

QEH Bristol

Parmiter's School

Northwood College

Mill Hill County High School

King Edward's School

The Holt School

Taunton School

St. Paul's Girls' School

St. Mary's Ascot

St. Helen's Northwood

St. Bartholomew's School

Withington Girls' School

Varndean College

Uxbridge College

Uppingham School

Tiffin Boys' School

In-Person STEP Courses in London
Our intensive Preparation Courses approach STEP questions in a structured and topical manner
Full STEP Solutions to 6 years’ Papers
Video solutions which are clear, concise yet not lacking in necessary detail and reasoning
STEP Theory
Learn commonly-occurring tricks and general theory to help you tackle questions with confidence
Exclusive Online-Only Courses
Carefully selected questions on common topics with a unique system of optional hints and comprehensive video solutions

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