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Introducing Year 13 Techniques, General Physics Knowledge, and Derivations you might not have seen before your Admissions Exam


PAT, ENGAA, and NSAA sometimes require knowledge you would not have covered in school

We have made introductory videos to material that is from year 13 or is never explicitly covered in A-level physics.

Practise deriving and extrapolating from existing knowledge

We include some material you should be familiar with, but with more fundamental explanations or tricks for better application. Expanding your knowledge and skills in these topics improves your understanding and might be relied upon at interview.

Adding springs and resistors

The rules for combining springs and resistors are surprisingly similar – we explain where the results come from and how to use them

Projectiles and Orbits

We derive the basic results and show some potentially useful consequences.

Buoyancy and Archimedes’ Principle

Not much discussed at A-level, this phenomenon crops up most years in admissions tests, and potentially at interview.

Dimensional Analysis

A common technique beyond A-level, and therefore tested in university applicants, but often ignored at school. We explain and then practise it.


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