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If you’re applying to medical school, the chances are that a number of your university picks will require a competitive UCAT score.

Familiarisation with the exam and its format is key to success, and STEP Maths provides a series of videos which cover in detail the specification up-to-date and every question type within each subtest. Each video uses examples which accurately reflects the exam format, so you can be guided through the real-time strategy when tackling a question.


Covers all sections of the UCAT

A discussion of each of the different sections of the UCAT, with a focus on timing and strategy.

Tutorials covering every question type

A series of videos covering each of the individual question types for each subtest, so that you can know exactly what to expect.

Focus on how to find answers quickly and efficiently

A series of video walkthroughs for examples of each question type, with a focus on the skills required to answer the question, and tips to find the answer quickly.

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