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Practice paper solutions and exclusively designed questions to prepare you for the style of this unique exam

TMUA set to be used for increasingly many universities

Sat as a pre-interview test in November, a good score may allow you to take advantage of a reduced offer. Therefore, it is wise to try and prepare as well as possible for this test.

Some theory tested you may not have seen at A-level

You will need to have studied logic, implications, necessary and sufficient conditions, and proof theory. You might also want to practise spatial reasoning and identifying flaws in written arguments.

No official worked solutions exist

Accordingly, we have created some extremely detailed solution videos to these papers. Watching our videos through will allow you to be transported into the mind of someone searching for the answer in the most efficient way. You will be able to draw on their problem solving abilities and transfer some of these skills into your own thinking.

STEP Maths has created original papers for you to work on

As ever, these are accompanied by a full, detailed, video solutions with full justifications of how we reached each answer.

To make the most of the materials, try questions on your own first

After you have attempted the questions once or even twice, our videos and solutions will provide an ideal way for you to consolidate your understanding, maximize your efficiency, and learn a good number of new techniques which should be very helpful to you come the actual exam.

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