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A collection of past paper questions and video solutions focused entirely on STEP 3 and its most challenging topics

  • Develop a deep familiarity with complex numbers and the geometry of the complex plane
  • Perfect your understanding of polar coordinates
  • Become an expert at manipulating hyperbolic functions
  • Challenge yourself with the mechanics of recurrence relationships
  • Explore Advanced Integration Problems

There is a gulf in difficulty between STEP 3 and the other two papers

By the time you begin to prepare for STEP 3, hopefully you will already have grown more confident with STEP questions through exposure and practice, but you will also have noticed how much harder STEP 3 is than the other papers. Our goal is to help you bridge that gap and to master the final and most challenging obstacle to achieving your Cambridge offer.

We promise to confront you with uncompromisingly difficult questions

However, we will make sure you get out the other side with a full understanding of the principles behind each one and the tools that make it answerable. We cover a variety of topics that are unique to STEP 3 and that constitute the most common stumbling blocks for candidates.

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