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Video solutions to help you prepare for the added difficulty of STEP 2 at the pace you choose

What is STEP 2?

  • Covers the whole A-level Maths syllabus but not Further Maths
  • Harder than STEP 1; similar to STEP 3 in difficulty
  • Required for Maths and related degrees at Cambridge whether or not you have taken Further Maths.
  • Other top universities like Bath, Bristol, Imperial College, UCL, and Warwick can make a grade 1 in any STEP paper an optional part of some offers for Maths
  • May also be required or optional for applicants for Computer Science at some Cambridge colleges and other universities, especially Imperial College


There is a trend for papers to get more difficult over the years

In particular the last five years’ worth of papers are substantially more difficult than some of the previous ones.

It is therefore highly recommended that you attempt these as full mock papers  in timed conditions to become familiar with how it feels. And more importantly get fully acquianted with what a good solution actually looks like.

Official solutions can be lacking in explanations

Examiners tend to skip parts of the logic and tell you how you can go from one line to another without actually showing you how!

We have examined every question and created a concise but detailed solution explaining every single step of the working and every single step of our thinking.

Use video solutions to check answers or revisit whole questions

Created both in slow and fast speed, these solutions will help you whether you are genuinely stuck on a question, or whether you want to quickly look at an overview to ensure that you have covered all of the key points and are thinking about the question in the best and most efficient way.

The ideal companion for your mock examination practice

You will be able to check all your working, look at the solution videos for questions which you didn’t attempt, and maybe realise that there are some questions that initially looked daunting but now seem quite accessible!

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